Outrage As Bodybuilder Publicly Shames Woman At Gym In ‘Disgusting’ Secret Video


Pretty much everyone goes to the gym out of the desire for self-improvement, not to shame others.

Unfortunately for an elderly woman, her gym experience was completely ruined by one fellow fitness fan who made her the subject of ridicule.

During her workout a lad by the name of Conor Tisdell sneakily filmed her and then uploaded the video to Instagram.

Making matters worse it’s claimed one of the gym’s own employees joined in the mocking in the comments of the video…

Another woman named Deb claimed Tisdell has a habit for taking the piss out of others in the gym. She said Tisdell openly laughed at her while a personal trainer helped her perform squats.


















She told Daily Mail Australia:

It’s disgusting. He’s starting an ongoing trend to publicly shame and embarrass people.

The most disgusting part is this gym is in a very low socio-economic part of Brisbane.

He should have gone up to her and asked if she wanted him to show her how to use the equipment. It’s online bullying.

Spot on Deb.













If you consider yourself pretty knowledgeable when working out, don’t be prick in 2017, if someone is struggling give them a hand.

We were all beginners once…

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