‘Outraged’ Viewers Force This Weatherwoman To Cover Up Her ‘Risque’ Outfit


Liberté Chan is an attractive meteorologist for KTLA.

Liberté was wearing this dress during her weathercast.

During her weathercast on Saturday, producers interrupted her to have her put on a sweater to cover up her “risque” dress.

Outraged viewers of the news broadcast found Chan’s dress to be too revealing and emailed KTLA to have the weathergirl change her clothes.

Let me remind you, this was broadcast in Los Angeles, not Provo, Utah or Vatican City or Raqqa, Syria. There is no cleavage and the dress stops right around the knees. Get a fucking hold of yourselves you prudes. How shitty and lackluster is your life that A.) Have the urge to email a news station over the apparel of their weatherperson, B.) Have the free time to email a news station over the apparel of their weatherperson, and C.) Don’t realize that you could see your weather on your phone whenever you want and not have to wait until the news is presented on the local news?

And have you ever heard of Yanet Garcia?

Here’s the part of the article where I plaster scintillating photos of Yanet Garcia to prove what a risqué weathergirl looks like, but also because you love photos of Yanet Garcia.

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