Overwatch Fans Created a Playboy-Style Magazine, Because Of Course

Overwatch Fans Created a Playboy-Style Magazine, Because Of Course



They did it. Those crazy bastards finally did it. After artist Manusogi’s line of Playboy-style Overwatch magazine covers, fans went ahead and filled out the rest of the pages. Put together by, “Playwatch” features articles, interviews with real-life cosplayers and yeah, loads of horny fan art.

Like today’s Playboy Magazine, Playwatch doesn’t feature explicit nudity per se, but it’s not really SFW either. This is about as explicit as it gets in all 48 pages:


On the list of things you’d prefer your mom not catch you looking at, “sweaty see-thru anime underboob” is probably pretty high on the list. But Playwatch actually toned down the above picture from its (definitely NSFW) original iteration.

And that’s not the worst thing in the world. If you want to look at Overwatch porn, all you have to do is accidentally click on any banner ad on any website you’ve ever visited. Knowing this, Playwatch includes honest-to-goodness articles alongside all the cheesecake. The focus of this issue is, as you might have guessed,

art by Dandonfuga

Though it’s kind of unsettling to see in another context besides the familiar and beloved Dorito-munching gremlin, this is sort of what Blizzard initially designed the character for. You don’t draw up a sexy 19-year old and put her in a skin-tight body suit without immediately thinking about what you are doing to the fan art community.

Playwatch sort of seems all over the place when it comes to its theming and tone. For instance, right after the interview with “,” there’s a feature on a real-life cosplayer.


Jannet is no doubt and extremely talented cosplayer and for sure worthy of her own focus, but the way Playwatch switches back and forth between being “in-universe” to highlighting fan content can be a little confusing. It’s really neat that they included a Spanish-language article about the Los Muertos gang, but putting it next to a spotlight on the upcoming Symmetra balance changes kind of diminishes the impact of both pieces.

That said, this is a magazine you can download for free (here’s a mirror in case the site’s still being crushed), so complaints about cohesiveness are kind of moot. Plus, it’s kind of impossible to hate on the Bastion interview.


Words to live by, Bastion. Words to live by.

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