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Pablo Escobar’s Hidden Safe Has Been Discovered In The Demolition Of His Miami Mansion

Yes, that’s actually a picture of Adrian Grenier playing Vinnie Chase playing Pablo Escobar opposed to an actual picture of the famed Colombian drug lord, because to be honest, all the Pablo Escobar pictures on Getty Images pretty much sucked.

Dude just wasn’t photographed that much in retrospect. Kept things real lowkey. That’s kind of the name of the game when you’re running one of the largest cocaine distribution schemes the world has ever known. Keeping secrets is paramount to the whole operation. Alas, today we find out that there was at least one secret Don Pablo took to his grave.

During the recent demolition of the Medellín Cartel leader’s Miami Beach mansion, a hidden safe was discovered, presumably untouched from the time of Escobar’s death in 1994. A pretty fascinating find that will only add to the legend of El Padrino, which has already been responsible for the inspiration of a myriad of movies, television, music, and art.

The find is ironic in that way, too, because it sounds like we’re going to have to wait to find out what it contains until…you guessed it, a documentary movie about Pablo Escobar’s life is released. But, man, I can only begin to guess what it contains. My money’s on straight cash, some jewelry, a mirror, and a reserve stash of blow, because, hey, you never know!

The Associated Press broke the news of the wild find:

A locked safe has been found in the debris of a Miami Beach mansion once owned by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar.

Demolition began last week on the waterfront property now owned by Chicken Kitchen founder Christian de Berdouare. On Monday, excavators found the metal safe as they knocked down the last walls.

Excavator operator Miguel Mato tells El Nuevo Herald that the 2-foot-by-2-foot safe weighs up to 700 pounds. Mato says he noticed it when the floor sank beneath some rubble.

De Berdouare and his wife say the safe will remain locked in a bank vault until they finish filming a documentary about Escobar’s link to the property.

U.S. authorities seized the property in 1987. De Berdouare bought it from a private owner in 2014 for $9.65 million.

Whoa. If I’m the dude who’s about to build his new McMansion on Escobar’s former property plot and I came across that safe, you know DAMN WELL there’s going to be a safe-cracking banger the very first night my new house has electricity. No question about it. Pablo was reportedly worth $100 BILLION when he died. This thing could be like the archaeological the find of the millennium.

Here’s the scene of the mansion getting knocked down, if you’re curious as to what it looked like.

Dammit, I need to know what’s in that safe.




Pablo Escobar’s Hidden Safe Has Been Discovered In The Demolition Of His Miami Mansion

3 replies on “Pablo Escobar’s Hidden Safe Has Been Discovered In The Demolition Of His Miami Mansion”

This is like Al Capone’s vault, a fuckin 2 hour TV special that ended up showing you an empty room.

I was thinking the same thing about al capones vault.

I wouldn’t be able to wait to open it. But, it’s probably the smart move to wait. They could open it and get the valuables or make some cash first, then open it and get the valuables.

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