Panic In Dubai As Jeremy Clarkson Allegedly Drives Tank Through Shopping Centre Wall

Panic In Dubai As Jeremy Clarkson Allegedly Drives Tank Through Shopping Centre Wall

Everyone’s favourite motor-mouthed, petrol head Jeremy Clarkson shocked shoppers in Dubai by allegedly driving a tank through the world’s biggest shopping centre.

The stunt caused some unrest after it was posted on social media but thankfully people calmed down when it was revealed that it was just a stunt for Clarkson’s new show The Grand Tour.

Shocking footage recorded on a fan’s mobile appeared to show a fully armoured tank smashing through walls at the Dubai Mall in the city of Dubai, while another video showed Clarkson driving his newest toy down the city’s Sheikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Boulevard, The Daily Mail reports.

Clarkson’s rampage was apparently filmed for part of The Grand Tour’s final episode, an event which fans were invited to attend.

Hosts James May, Richard Hammond and of course the man in the big blue jeans himself, Jeremy Clarkson, have pitched their travelling tent at the foot of the iconic Burj Khalifa tower in the United Arab Emirates.

The trio have been travelling the wold for their Amazon series causing trouble wherever they go and have stopped off in Johannesburg, California, Rotterdam, Stuttgart, Scotland and Nashville so far.


Clarkson famously left his previous motoring show Top Gear after throwing a tantrum when he couldn’t get a hot dinner, punching a producer and getting the sack from the BBC.

He managed to bounce back though with The Grand Tour, an Amazon exclusive, and the show’s been warmly received by critics even going on to become one of the most pirated shows of 2016, a high honour indeed.



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