Paramedic’s Angry Post About “Burger Flippers” Making $15/hr Goes Viral

The move has been called “outrageous” by the CEO of Dunkin’ Donuts, who earned $10.2 million in 2014.

Jens Rushing, a New York paramedic who also earns $15 an hour, had this to say…

So, what do you think?

Paramedic’s Angry Post About “Burger Flippers” Making $15/hr Goes Viral

4 replies on “Paramedic’s Angry Post About “Burger Flippers” Making $15/hr Goes Viral”

Would have been better if the post wasn’t cut off at the bottom.

He lives in Arlington, TX where $15/hr goes a hell of a lot farther than in NY. I lived/worked in Austin, TX from late ’05 to ’07 making $18/hr and lived like a fucking king. I make more than that now and don’t live nearly as good as I did back then but I love living in NY so it’s worth it.

Living wage for Tarrant County, TX (where Arlington is located) is $10.49/hr for 1 adult.

Living wage for NYC is $14.30/hr for 1 adult,

He may have a “broad set of skills” but it looks like his basic math & economics skills suck.

maybe he should be angry at his employers instead of whining about the fast food workers.I agree that he should make more but don’t blame the wrong people

The man has a point. There are consequences to the minimum wage. The minimum wage level is the point at which market forces break down. Therefore:

(1) Anyone who cannot be profitably employed at a wage level justifying the minimum wage needs to have his job replaced by a robot, a new process, or an exempt person.

(2) Nobody should study for, or otherwise invest in a job that pays minimum wage. Nobody should make effort beyond that which they are contracted to do at minimum wage levels. Anyone who does should consider a change of career, unless his job can be profitably done at a higher wage level. If not, see (1) above.

Remember the “minimum wage” is the level at which it is illegal to employ people who earn less than this level, it is not a law requiring employers to raise the wage of the lowest echelons of society.

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