Damn this is crazy. Sad and shows just how quickly something bad can happen.

This happened yesterday in Thailand. The wife was filming her husband right before disater struck. Someone at the scene said “those bloody harness straps looked like WW1 surplus!”

The video has been posted all over Facebook and people are not happy with the instructors. One person wrote: “They didn’t strap his legs when I first saw this video cause it creates equal weight when you are parasailing and there shouldn’t be another person behind you when parasailing. Believed the instructor deliberately unhooked his vest and let him fall to his death.Trying to make it look like an accident but surely it was murder.”

That might be a little bit of a strech on the whole “trying to look like an accident” but some how he got 100s of likes from people agreeing with him.

According to DailyMail: Operators told police Roger Hussey accidentally pulled on a hook that unstrapped his harness after confusing the ropes on his parasail.

Mr Hussey fell into the water and beachgoers rushed him to shore, but he was pronounced dead in hospital.

His wife reportedly filmed the accident.

Local media reported that a man from the parasailing operator, who was the boat driver and company owner, was charged with recklessness causing death.

Another man was also being investigated.

Someone else in the comments does this at another site and wrote: “The Green shirt is trying to help. from seeing the gum arm should be in the black rope, but from his arm, he’s on the black rope.”

You know, if it’s so easy, it can’t be locked up, and it’s not locked up, and it’s not locked up, and it’s not locked up. It’s from the employee’s chop, as well as safety.

Meanwhile, shocking new footage has emerged of parasail operators stand barefooted on tatty ropes at more than 80 metres in the air at the same beach.
Taken in April at the same location and at about the same height, it showed how staff without any safety equipment dressed in shorts and t-shirts fly up on the rigging.

They then haul themselves up to crouch and stand on the webbing, just inches from metal safety clips attached to a tourist’s harness as they prepare to steer the parasail during landing.

Footage of Mr Hussey’s death shows Mr Roongroj performing an identical stunt, flipping up onto the ropes moments before his passenger comes loose and falls.
Mr Hussey was seen chatting to his instructors about the activity, with one telling him to ‘start running’ when the boat on the water takes off.
But only 15 seconds after taking off, the Perth-based businessman can be seen losing his grip on the parasail with the instructor trying unsuccessfully to grab hold of him.

His wife’s video ends shortly after Mr Hussey hits the water, with beachgoers looking on in shock while instructors from the parasailing company run into the water.

Although the parasailing company attempted to blame the Australian for the accident, expert were baffled by the safety equipment they used.

The two staff who were charged were named as the parasilor Rungroj Rakscheep, 38, and Montien Chandeng, 45, the boat captain

 Check out the video below:


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