Parents Get Last Visit Before Abused Baby’s Death

Parents Get Last Visit Before Abused Baby’s Death

The incarcerated Georgia parents of a badly abused infant were given permission by a judge to visit her before she was taken off life-support. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution the process began just after noon on Monday and 5-month-old Dinah Paige Whited was pronounced dead at 3:09pm. She had been on life support three months. Justin Whited is charged in the assault of his daughter, who suffered bleeding on the brain, two broken collar bones, and breaks in all but three of her ribs. Her mother, Jamie Carson Whited, is facing child cruelty charges because authorities say she failed to protect the baby. The parents’ charges may be upgraded now that their daughter has died.


Walton County Juvenile Court Judge David Dickinson allowed the pair to visit Dinah because neither has been convicted in the crime and both agreed to terminate life support. That decision came after what the Journal-Constitution reports was an intense hearing on Wednesday, in which Justin Whited changed his mind about ending life support after speaking with his wife and watching video of his still daughter in her hospital bed. has more on the case, including these lines from the April 23 police report; responders to a 911 call found Dinah unable to breathe: “As I was talking with Justin and Jamie Whited, I was a little puzzled that they weren’t showing any emotions. Mr. Whited appeared to be calm and collected and Ms. Whited had been standing in the doorway, emotionless.”

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