Parents Are Pissed Because Redskins Cheerleaders Passed Out Squad Posters At A Middle School

Parents Are Pissed Because Redskins Cheerleaders Passed Out Squad Posters At A Middle School

Something tells me all the dads took those posters for themselves anyway.

When I was in middle school the only visit I remember was when a cop visited my classroom and told all the kids about awful car accidents he’d seen. Well, I would have preferred the Washington Redskins’ cheerleading team to have paid me a visit instead. And guess what? The kids at George Washington Middle School got just that when those gals paid a visit to their school recently. Although, parents weren’t too happy about what those gals handed out.

It seems that some uptight parents found out that the cheerleaders passed out some squad posters to all the students. Boy, people sure do love getting angry over nonsense these days.

Here’s what one parent wrote on the Facebook page for parents of George Washington students.

“My daughter tells me a few Redskins cheerleaders were brought in to read poetry for Read Across America day, then they handed out flyers of the cheerleading team in bikinis. The boys seemed interested in the flyers (understatement?); my daughter says she and her friends liked the poetry but found the flyers mildly disturbing.”

Oh no! Women in cheerleader outfits! Protect your kids! It was also discovered that some of the boys started ranking the cheerleaders by “hotness.” That’s not all bad, as just a few weeks ago teachers were caught talking about which students they would “F**k, marry, kill.”

Of course, Jesse Mazur, the school’s principal, had to apologize.

“…I would like to express my apologies for the distribution of the Redskin’s promotional poster. I personally found it in poor taste…Had I been aware of such a poster being distributed to our students, it would have been immediately halted. Nonetheless, the posters were distributed and I sincerely apologize for the messaging that was sent to our students as a result of this. In the future, I will play a larger role in the organization of such events to prevent anything like this from happening again.”

If you ask me, I honesty don’t…


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