Parents Of The Year: 15 Cases Of Child Negligence That Ended In Tears


It’s a big responsibility to be a parent. But the people on our list seemingly decided that their parental responsibilities were optional. You’re going to read about some of the most disturbing cases of parental negligence that we could find. There is no argument in many of these cases that the parents involved were disgusting individuals. This includes the very recent story of a woman who locked her children in the car as a punishment and then proceeded to go and get high. And the parent who thought administering a “Batista Bomb” to their two-year-old was going to end successfully. Yet another horrifying tale includes a woman who thought World of Warcraft was more important than making sure her daughter got food, don’t worry though, she had access to kitty litter. There’s even one boy who was left looking essentially like a mummy after his parents refused to get him treated for his diabetes because of religious reasons.

Even if you aren’t, but especially if you are, any parent who reads this list is warned that this list is going to also tug on your heartstrings. But the list also may help save the life of your children as some of these cases were easily avoidable. Included throughout the list are the ramifications of the parent’s actions, including several who are spending the next decade (or longer) of their life locked up to think about their actions. But when you read about their cases, you are going to find it hard to argue that they don’t deserve it. These are 15 children who died in horrific ways due to parental negligence.

15. Beat 4 Month Old To Death On A Changing Table

Cory Morris was 22 years old when he decided to end the life of his 4-month-old daughter, Emersyn. She was allegedly on the changing table when Cory became irate and punched her roughly two dozen times; killing her in the process.

The defense for Cory tried to make the argument that he was suffering from mental illness, but there had been no previous records of him ever being violent.

The judge sentenced him to 25 years in jail. When talking about the crime, Attorney Amy Sweasy stated,

“Morris abused his position of authority as her father, her young age made her vulnerable and the way he killed her was done with particular cruelty.”

14. Left Children In Car As Punishment And Went To Get High

When the weather gets hotter, one of the biggest things that you need to be aware of is not leaving pets and children in hot cars for extended periods of time. Cynthia Marie Randolph decided that rule shouldn’t apply to her and instead left her 2-year-old daughter and 16-month-old son in the car. Why? She wanted to teach them a lesson.

She then proceeded to go inside the house and smoke some marijuana. Following that, she took a nap for a few hours. On top of negligence, Randolph lied to authorities when confronted and changed her story on several different occasions. She initially said the children were playing in the backyard when they disappeared.

13. Rebecca Christie Decided World Of Warcraft Was More Important

Addictions come in many different forms. For Rebecca Colleen Christie, her “drug” of choice was the video game World of Warcraft. Christie was severely addicted to the game to the point where she would neglect her 3-year-old daughter.

It was reported that she would allegedly play from noon until 3am on a regular basis, completely neglecting her duties as a parent in the process.

Her daughter Brandi later starved to death, but not before she literally tried to eat cat litter to stay alive. You’ll be glad to hear that Rebecca was sentenced to 25 years in jail. We guess that’s one way to make sure you stop playing World of Warcraft!

12. Two-Year-Old Starves

Lauren Wade was only two years old when her tragic life came to an end. During her time on this planet, Wade’s life consisted of being starved, living in a dirty and insect-infested house and having access to the drug diazepam which was found in her system at the time of her death.

On top of failing to provide baths or any cleaning rituals, it was also reported that Wade’s parents also allegedly assaulted her.

Making the story all the more tragic, the parents of Wade have two other children aged 7 and 10. This is still a developing story, so here is hoping that baby Lauren Wade can get the justice for the crimes that she deserves.

11. Two Infants (Aged 2 And 1) Die After Locked In Car For 15 Hours

If this list teaches you anything, it should hopefully be that you should not leave children alone in a car as a form of punishment. Amanda Hawkins, however, thought that was a brilliant way to try and teach her two daughters, aged 2 and 1, a lesson.

Hawkins, aged 19, locked the girls in the car for over 15 hours, during which at one point her partner, aged 16, entered the car but left again – leaving the girls to suffer longer.

Sherriff W R Hierholzer who reported on the case said the following,

“This is by far the most horrific case of child endangerment that I have seen in the 37 years that I have been in law enforcement.”

10. 5-Month-Old Starves After Both Parents Overdose

Many entries on our list end with us mentioning if the parents have been officially charged with a crime. But the father Jason Chambers or mother Chelsea Cordaro aren’t able to be arrested. Because they’re dead.

The two of them both overdosed, passing away on roughly December 15th after using far too much fentanyl. Reports showed that Cordaro was 4 times the lethal range and Chambers was 2.5.

The 5-month-old baby girl they had, starved to death in her bassinet under a week later as neither Chambers nor Cordaro had anyone check in on them.

9. Adopted Son Returned To Birth Parents And Father Kills Him

Rachel and Heidi McFarland thought their dreams had come true when they adopted a little baby boy back in 2014. But a failure on the part of their adoption attorney allowed the child Gabriel, who was a newborn, to be returned to the child’s birth mother after only a short time together with Rachel and Heidi.

Unfortunately, this story has a horrific ending as the boy was later killed by the birth father, Drew James Weehler, who at the time was only 17 years old. A report on the crime scene described Gabriel as being found,

“Alone, pale, wet and foaming from his mouth and nose.”

Rachel and Heidi were awarded $3.25 million after filing a lawsuit against the adoption lawyer whose mistake led to the child getting returned to the parents. Weehler was sentenced to up to 5o years in prison.

8. Baby Starves After 3 Months And Gaining Only One Pound

Katherine Holmes had not fed her 3-month-old son for nearly a month when he was pronounced dead back in July 2016.Katherine, along with her partner Jarod McMillan had severely neglected their duties as parents and were living in a house that was described as having roaches everywhere, as well as plenty of garbage that created an inhospitable environment.

Her son had allegedly only gained one pound since birth and would sleep for 22 hours a day, but Katherine’s fear of hospitals and her son dying, kept her from seeking help.

Unfortunately, the fear of her son dying became a reality, largely in part because she failed in her duties as a mother.

7. Religion Meant Treating Diabetes Was Overrated

Religion is all well and good, but when it leads to the death of your child – people are definitely going to get upset. As was the case with Alexandru Radita who tragically passed away at the age of 15 after his parents refused to get him treatment for his diabetes.

The results were a boy who died weighing 37 pounds, had few teeth left and was completely emaciated.

Making the story all the more tragic is that back in 2003, Radita had escaped the family and was placed in foster care after he nearly died due to diabetes complications, but was later placed back in his families “care”.

His parents, Emil and Rodica, were both sentenced to life in prison with no chance at parole.

6. Woman Tries To Fake Baby’s Death On Public Bus After Abuse

When your child dies, you may understandably go into a panic. But one thing you may not think to do is to dress your child up in clothes, take her on a public bus and then pretend that she randomly just died on the bus.

That was the story that Rosalin Baker, aged 25 and Jeffrey Wiltshire, aged 52, tried to convince the police of after they were arrested following the death of their three-month-old daughter.

Upon closer inspection, it was reported that their daughter had 40 rib fractures, a broken wrist, and injuries to the head.

Both Baker and Wiltshire are heavy drug users, with Baker claiming that Wiltshire would use heroin and cocaine on a daily basis. They were both jailed for 11 years.

5. Batista Bomb Kills A Two-Year-Old

When you watch a wrestling program you are always going to be reminded that these moves are done by professional and that they should not be replicated at home. Let’s ask you a pop question. Do you think you should do the Batista bomb at home? Probably not. But even if you had some wiggle room on your answer, you have to agree that you should never Batista bomb a two-year-old.

Richard Gamache Jr. thought differently, however, and the results were the death of a two-year-old girl. The mother of the daughter, Richard’s partner, was also arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a child.

The Sheriff who reported on the crime scene released a statement saying, “This child was essentially tortured.”

4. Throws Baby In Airport Toilet To Avoid Missing Her Flight

There is a reason that you are not supposed to try and fly when you are pregnant and nearing your due date. One Nigerian mother, however, failed to heed that warning and while attempting to make a connecting flight from Minsk to Washington, found herself giving birth.

But after she thought the baby was stillborn, she threw the baby in a plastic bag and then in a toilet. She gave the defense of not wanting to miss her flight when she was later confronted, but you’ll probably agree that it is hardly an acceptable excuse.

She must have been pretty easy to find for authorities as it was reported that she was also covered in blood.

3. 5-Month-Old Beaten

There is no question that Eli Cox was badly abused in the 5 months that he was alive. When an autopsy was done on his body, they found 28 fractures and his death came after a violent shaking incident that left him starved of oxygen.

It was also reported that amphetamines were found in Eli’s hair.

“The events of that day were clearly the unhappy culmination of injuries Eli Cox suffered on many occasions, also inflicted by Danny Shepherd or Katherine Cox,” said Prosecutor Jennifer Knight. The trial is currently ongoing but given the mounting evidence of repeated abuse, you can hopefully expect both Danny and Katherine can be expecting some serious jail time.

2. Forgot 7-Month-Old Son Was In Car And Went To Work For 9 Hours

Justin Huynh had himself a busy morning back in June. Huynh took his two other children to childcare and then had his 7-month-old son to account for. Huynh typically would leave the baby with a babysitter, but for whatever reason, that day the sitter wasn’t available.

Huynh absentmindedly left his son in the car while he went to work, only returning 9 hours later and by that point, his son had passed.

“We need to understand that cars can be killers and cars can be very dangerous when you combine them with heat. It’s kind of like being in a sauna,” said Dr. Bob Sanborn when talking about the risks of leaving children unattended.

1. Todd Heap Backs Over His 3-Year-Old

Many of the stories on our list are horrific because the people involved are assholes. The entry for Todd Heap, however, is probably just going to leave you feeling devastated for the man.

Heap was moving his car in the driveway when he accidentally ran over and killed his 3-year-old daughter. If you’re an NFL fan, Heap’s name definitely may ring a bell. He spent over a decade in the league, primarily playing for the Baltimore Ravens. While there was no shortage of support given out towards Heap following this tragedy, your heart still breaks to imagine that situation.

May this serve as a reminder to always make extra sure you know where your children are, especially your young children when getting in the car.

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