Paris Thieves Nab $5.6M in Highway Heist

Paris Thieves Nab $5.6M in Highway Heist


Armed robbers near Paris made off with $5.6 million Monday—from a highway, not a bank. Police say two Qatari sisters in their 60s were traveling along the A1 motorway from Paris’ Le Bourget airport when robbers forced the driver of their Bentley to pull over near a service station around 9pm, reports the Telegraph. Masked men then used tear gas on the women before stealing “everything in the vehicle: jewels, clothes, luggage,” worth $5.6 million, a police source tells AFP, per the BBC. No arrests have been made, reports the Local.


Robbers are lately known for targeting luxury vehicles and wealthy-looking foreigners on the motorway. Last year, a Korean art collector was robbed of about $4 million in jewels while in a taxi, and armed men stole $265,000 from a Saudi prince on his way to Le Bourget in 2014. There have also been several high-profile robberies in central Paris. In a case oddly similar to the Kim Kardashian robbery last month, Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat was gassed and robbed in a Paris apartment on Nov. 12, reports People. France plans to install more surveillance cameras in the capital to prevent such robberies.


3 replies on “Paris Thieves Nab $5.6M in Highway Heist”

The answer is simple don’t travel with 5 million bucks on ya and stay the hell away from France.

It would have been classier if, instead of using tear-gas they had courteously invited the ladies to dance a minuet, then kissed their hands with a roguish wink. Before escaping on a jet-black stallion. Yes, there might be practical issues but being stylish is worth the effort.

But seriously, if you have $5m -plus worth of loot in your car and no security, you are an idiot. Stealing is bad, very bad. But stealing from the obscenely rich, obliviously entitled and stupidly unaware is probably the least bad.

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