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This Parking Note Has The Most Brutal Twist

This Parking Note Has The Most Brutal Twist


When it comes down to it people just don’t know how to park. And if you need an example just take a look at this lady who attempted to park and somehow ended up on top of a Ferrari. And don’t forget about the people who parked so badly they got exactly what they deserved. And speaking of parking notes, this is the most savage (yes, I said savage) of them all.

A girl named Sarah Bryant on Twitter decided to share a parking note she found on someone’s car — a note with so many details and twist and turns you will be baffled as to who actually had the time and the patient to write all this out. Let’s first take a look at Sarah’s reaction:



And this is why she had no words:



Photo: Twitter/Sarah Bryant

I mean, how can you move on from that. This person’s parking job was so bad they literally gave someone cancer. And yet, you have to appreciate the dedication that went into this burn.




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