Parolee Busted After Wearing Ankle Monitor To Restaurant Robbery

Parolee Busted After Wearing Ankle Monitor To Restaurant Robbery




I know you folks love my advice so here’s some more: if you’re going to rob any place at all make sure you don’t have an ankle monitor attached. Why? Because that’s exactly what parolee Adam Hettig did.

The 32-year-old idiot was recently arrested at his home in Chili, New York, after he admitted to robbing a Subway restaurant. And how did police catch up to him? Well Hettig was wearing an ankle monitor during the armed heist, which showed where he was at all times.


When deputies responded to the robbery on Saturday, the clerk said the suspect was a tall white male with blue eyes. No one else was in the store at the time, the clerk reported. Deputies were then notified by the Monroe Crime Analysis Center that Hettig’s ankle monitor indicated that he had been at the Subway — leading cops to arrest him for the robbery.

Hettig, who remains in custody at the Monroe County jail, was paroled in March after serving time following a burglary conviction.

The clerk said that Hettig actually put a butcher’s knife to her throat and demanded money. Here’s what she had to say:

“When I came out he was pushing up against the door, he pushed it open, and then he went around my back around the table, and he had put a knife to my throat. He got impatient, I don’t know what he thought I was doing, but he got impatient and that’s when he choked me … He had the knife in the right hand and choked me with his left (hand).”

This guy is not only a scumbag, but a total idiot. I hope he enjoys the next couple of years behind bars again.


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