Passenger Strips Naked And Watches Adult Film During Flight

Passenger Strips Naked And Watches Adult Film During Flight –

A passenger had to be tied up and restrained during a flight after he stripped down to his birthday suit to indulge in some adult content.

Clearly not part of airline company Malindo Air’s in-flight entertainment package, an unidentified 20-year-old man was caught getting butt-naked and masturbating to an X-rated video as horrified and baffled passengers looked on.

The bizarre incident occurred during a flight from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to Dhaka, Bangladesh, where witnesses claim the man in question walked to the plane’s toilets to undress and also urinated on his seat.

The alleged offender is said to be a university student based in Cyberjaya, onlookers say he was ‘pleasuring himself’ while watching x-rated content on his laptop.

According to one eyewitness account, he began acting aggressively towards the head stewardess after she demanded he put his clothes back on… because you know, it’s such an unreasonable request *sarcasm*.

When it became clear the situation could potentially spiral out of control (question: at what point was there any control in this incident?) the 20-year-old had to be forcibly restrained. According to The Star Online he was restrained by other passengers on the flight who tied up his hands with a piece of cloth.

Considering the nature of his restraint maybe he found it kinky (there’s an image you won’t be able to get out from your head for the rest of the day).

Since the incident pictures of the man’s lewd conduct has been circulated over WhatsApp and social media.

A Facebook statement from Malindo Air says the man was apprehended by a security team upon arrival and has since been placed in detention.

Malindo Flight’s social media team wrote:

With regards to the incident about a disruptive passenger onboard OD162 to Dhaka on 3 March, the crew on board has followed the standard operating procedure to restraint passenger from any further disruption to the crew and passengers onboard.

The airline will continue to stay vigilant to ensure passengers travel soundly.

Passenger Strips Naked And Watches Adult Film During Flight 35563288791 58dcbe517b zpaullymac/Flickr
A non-stop flight from Kaula Lumpur to Dhaka can take up to four hours. Are you telling me that this guy couldn’t wait four hours to crack one out? Pathetic.

I hope he isn’t surprised when his name comes up on a ‘no-fly’ list.

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