PORTLAND, Ore. — Bill Byrne was sitting one row behind a woman who was kicked off American Airlines Flight 408.

“I’ve seen people who deserve that, but never actually seen somebody thrown off a plane,” Byrne told KATU.

He recorded video on his cellphone of the incident on a plane bound for Portland International Airport. The woman can be heard crying, asking flight attendants what she did wrong.

Moments later, you can hear many passengers booing the flight crew.

“It was nuts, and that poor woman was so upset. She handled it well, but you could tell it was super embarrassing for her,” Byrne said.

The woman in the video is Tiana Fough, a mother of two from Gresham. She told KATU she did not deserve to thrown off the flight.

“I was boarding the plane with the other passengers. There were about three people in front of me. I was chatting with the lady in front of me,” Fough said.

Fough told KATU she didn’t realize a flight attendant was asking her to step to the side.

“He did not have my eye contact. He didn’t have my attention. I didn’t even hear him until he started yelling at me,” Fough told KATU.

Fough said that flight attendant then threatened to order her off the plane.

“He said, ‘Do you want to take the next flight? I can kick you off this plane right now,” Fough said.

The Gresham woman said she then continued to her seat. Several minutes passed, while she told another flight attendant about the exchange.

That’s when Fough said the man who yelled at her at the front of the plane showed up at her seat.

“He opened up the overhead compartments and said, ‘Were’s your stuff? You’re getting off this plane right now,'” Fough said.

She said she was too embarrassed to put up a fight when another airline employee joined the flight attendant and ordered her off the flight.

“At that point I just got off. I got into the tunnel where you walk through to get to the plane… he pops his head out and he comes out of the plane looks down the hallway snickering at me… taunting me. I was already the lowest I could be,” Fough said.

Byrne did not see the possible exchange between Fough and the flight attendant who later ordered her off the flight. Another passenger on board told KATU she will be filing a complaint with American Airlines, disappointed in the way the flight crew treated Fough.

A spokesperson for American Airlines told KATU the airline is aware of the video and is now investigating the events leading up to the flight attendant’s decision to kick the woman off the plane.

Passengers Boo Airline That Wrongfully Removes a Woman from Flight