Pastor Arrested For Robbing Church To Pay Off Mistress

When you’re the married pastor of a Baptist church, it’s generally frowned upon to maintain an affair with anyone, especially a 20-year-old. People also tend not to look kindly upon men of the cloth dipping into the church coffers to pay young mistresses hush money. Maybe no one told this to 30-year-old pastor Ralph Sawyer, formerly of the Lindsay Lane Missionary Baptist Church in Florissant, Missouri.

According to KSDK, Sawyer turned himself in to police in September after an investigation uncovered that the pastor embezzled $21,727.50 spread out over 35 withdrawals from the church savings account. Maybe he thought no one would notice a missing $20,000.

Sawyer told the cops that the money was used to pay off a 20-year-old mistress who started asking him for money over the course of their affair. Sawyer explained to the police that he thought she would keep quiet about their relationship if he gave her the cash. I guess possible jail time seemed more appealing than having his spot blown up.

The disgraced pastor is being charged with a felony count of stealing and is being held on a $25,000 cash-only bond, which is slightly more than what he is accused of stealing.

Hey, at least he didn’t film any cake crush porn videos with his paramour, unlike some Greek Orthodox priests we could name.


Pastor Arrested For Robbing Church To Pay Off Mistress



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