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Pastor Sprays Insecticide In Followers’ Faces To ‘Heal’

Pastor Sprays Insecticide In Followers’ Faces To ‘Heal’



A South African pastor is under fire for his crazy-sounding manner of healing his flock: He sprays insecticide into their faces. Lethebo Rabalago, 24, of Mountzion General Assembly says spraying an insecticide called Doom on his followers can cure them of cancer, HIV, and other ailments. Known as the “Prophet of Doom,” Rabalago is seen in Facebook photos doing just that, reports Times Live. In one case, he sprayed the eyes of a woman with an eye infection, and he insists she was “just fine because she believed in the power of God,” he tells the BBC. In another, he sprayed the face of a woman with an ulcer and “she received healing and deliverance,” the church says. Among those not happy with all this? The maker of Doom.


“[We] want to make very clear that it is unsafe to spray Doom or any aerosol onto people’s faces,” says Tiger Brands. A government commission has also declared the practice to be dangerous and is asking “everyone whose rights and beliefs have been violated” to lodge a complaint. However, because Rabalago’s followers are consenting adults and no regulatory body for churches exists in South Africa, a government official says no legal action can be taken, per Eyewitness News. Rabalago tells eNCA that he prays over the insecticide before using it. “God can use anything … God can use even poisonous things to deliver people,” he tells Eyewitness News.


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