Patient Wins $500k Lawsuit Against Surgeon Who Insulted Him During Colonoscopy

Doctors undergo bedside manner training while they’re in med school, but it looks like that all went out the window when this patient was sedated.

A Virginian man’s phone was accidentally recording audio while he was sedated and undergoing a colonoscopy.

And it picked up some pretty harsh comments from his doctor, Tiffany Ingham.

Like, really harsh.

Anesthesiologist Tiffany Ingham called the man, who was only identified as “D.B.”, a “retard”, a “wuss” and said that he was “annoying”, which really isn’t that big of a deal when you consider the first two insults. For all we know he could’ve been kinda annoying.

The phone also picked up Ingham telling a medical assistant she’d might get “syphilis on [her] arm or something” if she touched a rash on D.B. But then followed up by saying “It’s probably tuberculosis in the penis, so you’ll be all right.”

D.B. then took her to court for malpractice.

Source: Maj. Dale Greer | US Air Force

D.B’s phone didn’t just pick up the mean comments – he also heard Ingham and other doctors discussing how they avoided him, instructed an assistant to lie to him and even altered his chart with false diagnosis. Which is way more serious than telling a guy who’s asleep that you want to “punch him in the face” in the hopes that he’ll “man up.”

D.B. originally sued for $1.75 million, but settled for $500k.

The jury awarded him $50k for the tuberculosis and syphilis comments, and $200k for medical malpractice. Hopefully it’s enough money to help his hurt feelings.

In other news, doctors everywhere are now requiring patients to turn off their phones so they can insult them in peace.



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