This ‘Peeping Tom’ Halloween Mask Has Been Banned In Canada

This ‘Peeping Tom’ Halloween Mask Has Been Banned In Canada



You know what’s creepy? The thought that some dude is looking through your bedroom window while enjoying himself a tad too much. So of course a “Peeping Tom” mask is being sold for Halloween, but you won’t find it in Canada because they’ve banned it completely.

The Scary Peeper Mask can be bought on Amazon for $29.95, but I think it’s best you don’t buy it because your female neighbor already thinks you’re a total creep so this wouldn’t be a good purchase. Just take a look at this thing.


What the hell?

This mask was pulled from Home Depot stores in Canada last year, but women were so appalled by the prop that it’s been banned again this year. So all you Canadians won’t be able to find it in stores over there, but of course it’s on the internet.



But while women aren’t a fan of this mask at all, Morgan Dowtin, the dude who created this thing, still thinks it’s the best prop out there. Here’s what he told The Sun:

The overwhelming public support in favor of our products has been incredible. We are so glad that for the most part, people understand the intended use of our products.

One of the reasons we are now supplying products to this market is due to the fact that we had so many fans reach out from the UK and other European countries asking how they could buy a Scary Peeper. Because of this, we decided it was time to open up distribution so that the supply would be there to meet the demand.

We are very thankful for all of our fans from the European markets and are excited that they will be able to easily access our products through online retailers like Amazon and in many brick and mortar store locations across the region.”


Photo: Amazon

Well, since nothing is ever banned in America you can always buy yourself one of these masks just in time for Halloween.


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