Pennsylvania Landlord Sneaks Into Tenant’s Home And Masturbates On Her Dirty Clothes

Pennsylvania Landlord Sneaks Into Tenant’s Home And Masturbates On Her Dirty Clothes


If you think your landlord is a piece of work, just be glad that your landlord isn’t Thomas Fallon.

The 67-year-old man decided to break into one of his tenant’s apartment and then proceed to masturbate into the woman’s dirty clothes — an act that was actually recorded by a motion-activated security camera inside the woman’s place. So yeah, it was fairly easy for police to catch him.

The victim told police that she recently purchased a “Wi-Fi enabled security system and placed cameras in her bedroom” due to suspicions that “someone had been going through her personal effects, specifically her clothing” over the past few months.

The woman contacted police last Friday after receiving an alert on her phone reporting that the security system had detected motion in her bedroom. The system captured a series of still images showing Fallon “in a state of undress”inside the victim’s bedroom, a police officer reported.

The photos showed that Fallon had “his penis exposed and was masturbating into the victim’s soiled clothing which she wore yesterday,” alleges the complaint, which notes that the woman identified Fallon, her landlord, as the man in the photos.

Fallon, the president of an electrical contracting firm, at first claimed he only entered the woman’s apartment to “fix a hot water heater,” but “terminated the interview” when cops pulled out photos of him enjoying himself a tad too much.

This creep was arrested and charged with burglary and criminal trespass, both felonies.


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