Pennsylvania Woman Arrested For Injuring Man’s Genitals During Shower Fight


Usually when two people enter a shower together it’s to wash each other off, have sex or cry together as they think about life’s miseries — they don’t have fights in the shower. Well, the people in this story did.

According to PennLive, a 22-year-old woman named Abigail Geiger was charged with aggravated and simple assault for injuring a man (who we assume is her lover) while both in the shower. Oh, and Geiger injured this poor dude’s genitals.


Photo: Northern Lancaster County Regional Police

Police were able to respond to the call after receiving a call from a neighbor about a loud confrontation inside. Police were then able to interview Geiger, but the victim fled the scene and headed to the hospital to get his jewels checked out. What we do know is that there was a verbal exchange and then that guy’s testicles were injured — assuming from a kick.

No word yet on what started the fight but my gut tells me Geiger clogged the drain with her hair or the guy left hair on the soap. That’s how all shower fights start.