People Confess The Worst Things They’ve Ever Done

People Confess The Worst Things They’ve Ever Done
You’re all going to hell.


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Ooh, where to start? The worst thing I can admit to is copy and pasting cell B3128 instead of C3128. It doesn’t seem so bad but the difference was worth $17 million.

GD! That was a mistake though,,,right? Did you do that on purpose?

Hell no, it was a mistake. In the end, it’s not the intent but the result, its impact and one’s regret.

Another one that haunts me is running over an old tom sleeping in a collapsed cardboard box. I heard him scream and rushed him to the RSPCA and begged them to fix him on a blank cheque basis. They put him down.

I’ve been blessed with a life of remarkable variety of opportunities to do good and bad. I have had the power to do great good and bad. I have a general high level of empathy but when needed can be amoral and sociopathic. I have saved and destroyed lives and careers.

I am content with the balance, the net good I have done in the world.

I write here and on IAB almost totally unfiltered, unconcerned for my reputation, but there are still things I won’t confess to, in case the identity unravels.

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