People Are Confessing What Suddenly Made Them Lose Interest In Their Crushes

People Are Confessing What Suddenly Made Them Lose Interest In Their Crushes

It happens to everyone: sometimes you’re crushing along and the bubble bursts, killing the crush as quickly as it came about.

Redditors shared the dealbreakers that broke peoples’ fevers and killed any and all romantic interest.

1. mbasi someone who’s there IRL.

She would text back and showed interest. But when it came time to plan a meet up – there was always something going on in her life.

I’ve since learned that a woman will make time for you if she really wants to.

2. Some things are better left mysterious, lynnaimee

He kept sending me snapchats of his hard dick while sitting on the toilet, shitting.

3. GeckoFlameThrower would rather not get punched, thank you.

Our second date, we went out for a few drinks, she starts flirting with some random guy to see how I’d react. When I asked her wtf was she doing, she actually wanted me to fight for her, an actual fist fight.

I paid my tab and told her to find a ride home, then left.

4. Stop kvetching, AFTER_THAT_LION_DUDE.

I realized that all she did when we talked was complain, non stop complaining.


5. Laziness is a dealbreaker fo DrewTan91.

We were at a company organised barbecue party. It was her turn to do the dishes since she hadn’t helped with the cooking or preparation prior to that. She merely ignored and slacked off, pretending she didn’t hear anything about cleaning up the dishes.

6. SXOSXO was weirded out.

Found out from a friend that she told people how weird I am and how much I bother her. Realized instantly I was that weird guy that can’t take a hint.


 oh the office john krasinski jim halpert GIF

7. sward11 wouldn’t want to be a part of a club that would have them as a member.

When I found out they liked me back. Not interested in someone with poor judgment.

8. Hold on to your butts, whaaaaaaaaales.

I’m a paleontologist, and she stopped me at dinner when we were talking about careers to have the following exchange:

Her: Hey. So this might be a dumb question but —

Me, in teacher mode: No, of course not. There are no dumb questions.

Her: Okay, so… did Jurassic Park happen?

Me, thinking this is the age-old “is Jurassic Park possible, can we clone dinosaurs” question: Good question. No, we can’t clone dinosaurs. DNA degrades over time and —

Her: No, I mean. Did Jurassic Park happen, like did it actually happen, though.

Me, pausing: What do you mean? Like did dinosaurs attack an island in Costa Rica in the 90’s?

Her: Yeah.

Edit: Considering that she thought that Jeff Goldblum made a series of documentaries on dinosaurs running rampant on Costa Rican islands and then invading San Diego in 1997… there wasn’t third date.

Edit #2: She’s an elementary school teacher. Thought I should share that bit too, if any of you have young children.

 seriously say what bitch please dubious GIF

9. The ends justify the memes, Manxman5.

They were getting tagged in memes by their friend about seeing multiple guys and playing them etc. Lost all interest immediately.

10. Mechanical-one knows if you been naughty or nice.

Not only did she try to be controlling.

Not only did she want me to go bare on our second date.

Not only did she try to tell me how to spend my own goddamned money and tell me how I’m allowed to raise my own future children.

At 26 years of age this crazy bitch still believed santa claus was real.


 john oliver GIF

11. violentlyout with the truth.

We were getting to know each other and I realized she hadn’t asked me any questions whatsoever. Like if we’re really going to go to the effort of going out for a coffee date, then I expect people to contribute to their half of the conversation and actually make it easy for both of us to talk about each other and ourselves.

12. Hi, ALLST6R.

Went on a first date with a girl. It went great and she seemed pleasantly normal.

2 days later after work whilst waiting for the train, she calls me. I pick up and she doesn’t say anything except “hi”. After her not talking for a good 10 seconds, I initiated the conversation. She would just giggle in reply. I asked her why she was calling me if she wasn’t going to talk. Carried on giggling.

Told her I had to go, and was somewhat put off her by that. But I could deal with it.

The next day she text me “I miss you, I didn’t want to tell you, but I really really do miss you a lot”.

We had been on one date.

I noped out of there.

TV Land Classic  television phone goodbye GIF

13. grayson-of-gotham, meet grayson-of-gotham.

She morphed into all almost exact copy of me, my likes became her likes,my opinions became her opinions, my hobbies became her hobbies, and as much as i like myself i didn’t want to date myself.

14. Zaorish9 goes Dutch.

She said “Well I’m definitely not going to go home with you after you made me split the bill at dinner! The last 14 guys all paid for my dinner.” Exact quote.

15. Statscollector‘s crush wasn’t too bright.

I had a crush on one of my friend group for about 7 years (I’d asked her out and been rejected – no biggie; we stayed good friends).

Last year a group of us went camping; at one point during the evening she pointed at the brightest star she could see and said “Is that really bright one the moon?”.

Crush gone in a second.

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I was with a good friend and colleague at tea break . We were chatting about Tv shows and the previous night’s BBC had been about extreme procedures in the Victorian era for beauty. We got to talking about ribs…She actually thought … and this was a highly intelligent person .

That women had fewer ribs because of the whole Adam and Eve thing , then she panicked and told me to shut up.

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