People Are Convinced Kanye Is The Father Of Kylie Jenner’s Baby

Another day, another Kardashian conspiracy theory. This time involving Kylie Jenner’s (unconfirmed) pregnancy. 

Are you a guy that doesn’t openly care about the Kardashians and their goings on but still sorta need to know about this theory? Even under the pretence of ‘well, it’s just so I can talk to my bird about it when she brings it up’? That’s okay. We’re all human.

This isn’t life and death. It’s a socialite up the duff. Some Monday afternoon light relief.

Well, that is unless you are a guy and truly care about the Kardashians. In that case, fasten your seat belt because rumour has it the 20-year-old is actually acting as surrogate for older sister Kim and Kanye West.



Crazy. When news broke that the married couple were to bring their third child into the world via surrogate in February 2018, fans of reality TV were in over their heads.

The surrogate was described as being a ’20-something’, ‘fit’ black mother of two living in San Diego, California, and was reportedly paid $45,000 to host the couple’s child.

But now Twitter has gone into full detective mode:

However, not everyone is buying it given that Kylie Jenner is (we don’t actually know) pregnant.

My theory is that Kim and Kanye are having a third child via surrogate and Kylie is pregnant because she fancied having a child. Don’t come for me!

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