People At House Party Drink Four Litres Of Vodka Then Use Tattoo Gun

If you or a close friend has easy access to a tattoo gun, then you know that trouble is never far away.

Add in a few drinks and you could end up with something like ‘The Pink Panther sucks toes’ permanently inked on your foot, which isn’t too bad really, because it’s easily concealable.

However, for this group of friends, who had plenty of vodka as well as a tattoo gun to hand, they didn’t get away with a silly tat on the underside of their feet – they went in the complete opposite direction.

Lauren Dunham, one of the victims of the drunken tattoo gun antics, woke up after having ‘Richie’ inked onto her skin, the name of man she has no romantic connection to, and her postcode ‘TS23‘.

Attending a house party in Old Billingham, County Durham, with four others, the 25-year-old egged on the host, who once fancied himself as a tattoo artist, according to Gazette Live.

They drank four litres of vodka between them and the inevitable occurred.

“We’d been at a house party at Jamie’s and we were a couple of hours into it,” Lauren said. “We’d all had a drink and it was me who instigated it.

“Long story short, the guy whose house it was had a tattoo gun and he ended up getting it out.

“We all wrote our names on each other.

“We thought it was hilarious at the time. I can remember doing it. But when I woke up it was painful – and it wasn’t painful at the time.

“We are all on a group chat and the following morning we were saying ‘what on earth have we done’ and then started posting the pictures.”

Unfortunately, she’s had to accept the questionable new inking she has, just as anyone who comes to regret their body art has to.

Her mum, understandably, was a bit miffed by the decision her daughter made, telling her to grow up.

“My mum called me a prat and all the names under the sun,” Lauren told Gazette Live. “She was not impressed and said it was about time I grew up.”

She’s not alone in the world when it comes to awful tattoos. In fact, Tattoo Fixers has made its success on people being drunk and silly enough to go and get things like Ian Beale permanently embedded into their skin.

Amber-May Ellis got an iconic picture of EastEnders character on her thigh after losing out on a drunken bet.

She got in touch with the Channel 4 show, telling them she’s been labelled “one of Britain’s biggest tossers because of my tattoo – and I need your help.”

Amber failed to get the entire inking finished, meaning her thigh was graced with half a picture of the soap’s longest-serving character.

Instead of covering the monstrosity, the fixers decided they’d jazz it up instead; finishing the job and adding in the phrase “Keep it real like Ian Beale.”

Now, personally, I think the only way to cover up and improve an Ian Beale tat is to whack Phil Mitchell’s face on there. A big fuck off picture of Phil Mitchell chugging a bottle of whiskey, slurring his words at whoever crosses his path.

After the makeover, Amber was happy with the end product, saying: “Oh my God, I love it, you can actually tell it’s him now!

“I don’t even know what to say as I didn’t think it would be this good.”

Let this be a lesson to you people – don’t fuck about with tattoos.


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