People Reveal Their Freakiest Sexual Fetishes – Hey, Whatever Floats Your Boat

People Reveal Their Freakiest Sexual Fetishes – Hey, Whatever Floats Your Boat

According to various Reddit threads devoted to kinks and fetishes, people of the internet are into some pretty freaky shit (if you’ve ever skimmed through online porn you already knew this). But hey, no judgment here! Whatever gets you off. As long as it’s safe and consensual.

Just please, please don’t fuck a blender.

1. xXEldestXx likes ’em rained on:

Wet hair. Like, “I just stepped in from a monsoon” wet.

It’s incredibly hot. I don’t know why.

2. fetishthrwawyact like ’em big.

Giantess. Not all of it. Not even half of it. It’s a pretty diverse fetish.

3. Mmtaw like their sex objects to be actual objects.

Guys fucking inanimate objects (tables, couchs, blenders, etc).

I have no idea where this came from but I can never find any porn for it

There is no couch porn?! What an outrage!

4. NoahtheRed likes the Day of the Dead:

Nothing is hotter to me than a woman with skull face paint. When I learned about Day of the Dead in Spanish class in middle school, it was a very odd day for me.

5. throwaway889580 likes getting cavities filled 😉

I have a huge dentist/mouth fetish. I love the submissive feeling of laying in a dentist’s chair, the feeling of gloved fingers and dental instruments in my mouth and on my gums, the soothing smell of latex, and the piercing, yet very satisfying sound of a dentist’s drill.

I first realized this when I was around 10 years old and I got a cavity filled. The whole procedure was a breeze and I wasn’t nervous at all. Somewhere in the middle of it all, I felt a really pleasant feeling “down there”. And pretty much since then, I’ve secretly loved going to the dentist.

So yeah, I have no idea why I’m so into this, but with the exception of having to restrain myself every time I get my teeth cleaned, it’s pretty freaking great.

What a productive fetish! They must have great teeth.

6. HodorHodorHodorHodr does not want to bang their relatives IRL:

I enjoy incest porn but am no way attracted to anyone related to me

7. throwaway2211990 is, like, in to being a bimbo:

I’m into bimboification or at least acting really dumb for a dominant man. I don’t have a clue why but I love being someone’s stupid little whore.

8. Groping gets DorkyCanuck‘s motor going:

Being groped. I keep reading about girls being groped in queues, and transportation, and such. The idea of being groped in a safe setting gets my motor going.

Remember, gropey fellas: this is a kink, not an invitation to grope!

9. Two_Legged_Pirate will never forget 1/17/15.

I like my butthole licked. I found out. This tatted up Miley Cyrus looking chick I was fucking at the time, comes up from sucking my dick and says “I’m about to do something to you, but no penetration is involved” she lifts my legs into the air and starts licking my asshole like she is trying to get the last bit of ice cream out of a waffle cone. It was amazing. But it gets hard to ask and then they say no, so soft. Sadly January 17th 2015 around 3:40am was the last time I had my asshole licked.

10. PizzaRollsAndWeed just wants to be suspended:

I’m into suspension. Like being chained up hogtied, but in the air. I wanna be fucked like that. I saw porn of it and it was really hot.

11. Thanks a lot, Amy Poehler. Via AmVxrus

I found that I find female professional suits/dress suits attractive. Thanks Amy Poehler and Parks and Rec.

12. Shipwreck_Kelly wants to be tickled:

Tickling. I have no idea when/how I discovered it. I think it’s just naturally playful and flirty, and that sort of evolved into it being sexy to me. It also shares a lot of overlap with bondage, control, dominance, submission, etc. I don’t really think it’s a weird fetish, but it’s not exactly common either.

13. You may recognize penny_666 from the hair salon.

Watching people get their hair cut. Especially women with long hair getting it cut short. I realized this when I was about ten and I got my hair cut WAY shorter than I wanted and I cried for a whole day. After that I was obsessed with movie and tv scenes depicting dramatic haircuts. I always thought it was super weird that I liked watching that and never really did anything with it until a year ago. Now it gets me super turned on.

14. FakeReddit_‘s fetish is… fetishes.

First I’d like to say either there are no weird fetish(s) or all of them are weird.

However, my kink, I have yet to encounter in another person. My kink is whatever the other person is into. I don’t mean when a partner says “smack my ass” or something that easily offered up. What I am talking about is that thing they haven’t been able to admit to anyone (maybe/all the better to them self). The thing(s) no one has ever allowed them to talk about, loaded with stigma, or just repressed.

It’s not always simply sexual or even things you’d think of as sexual but it turns me on to no end helping this person experience “it”. There are many reasons this does it for me. A few are: that the honest confession is super intimate, that I get some genie like power to grant a wish, and among others to see how my partner goes from super embarrassed to totally turned on makes me feel like it’s now my fetish as well as theirs.

I currently feel like I am the collector of fetishs but only the memories turn, me on unless my partner is into them. Although most are unique and so it is slightly rare they repeat. Unique in the details not always the general area.

I will give one example: a partner admitted to me once through a long self identifying story (so I will omit the specific details) that tickling (under a specific situation) would allow them to relive a thing (they didn’t enjoy at the time but often fantasize about currently). I never thought, in my extremely active sexual imagination, tickling someone would do so much for me and I have never since found the idea of tickling my partners a turn on. But this confession and story had me at the point of orgasim.

TL:DR My fetishs are prying out my partners fetishs and playing them out so I can vicariously experience them for myself.

15. This person ​​​​​is a hiker’s nightmare:

Public nudity. I grew up not to far from a large area of woods with a creek running through it. There were some hikers and fishing but not a lot since it was a pretty rural area. When I was 11 or so, I’d ride my bike there and took my clothes off. I’d leave them in a pile and stand there. Eventually I’d get farther and farther away from them. It felt amazing. Air hitting you everywhere. Had some awkward run ins, but nothing scary. Yeah, being outside naked is a turn on.

16. A girl and her pinky: a Love Story. By MyShamefulShit:

Pegging. All it took was a girl and her pinky once, and it was all downhill from there.

17. The_Mura got slapped and liked it.

Once I was arguing with a girl and she slapped me in the face. I instantly went from being pissed to being incredibly horny. I learned something about myself that day.

18. SLynch0000 is moving to Australia to get fucked.

Cursing. Not even cursing/dirty talk during sex. Just you casual, everyday-conversational vulgarities. So sexy.

If you can slip the words fuck, motherfucker, cunt, etc. into a normal conversation I will probably take my clothes off for you.

Edit: Looks like I’m moving to Australia to get fucked.

19. Zenom7 just wants to be trapped under a giant pizza. Don’t we all?

I’ve posted this before, but I’m pretty sure I’m into bondage because of that TMNT episode where they’re trapped under a pizza

20. Kahluka found their partner-in-kink:

I had always been curious about some of the stranger sides of bondage, but never felt comfortable enough with anyone to ask if they’d try it.

Met this dude, we started going on dates. Went out of town with him, first time we were going to have sex. He asks me what my kinks were, as a mutual friend of ours did not tell him.

I told him I wanted to try pet play. He had recently gotten his dog a new collar, and it didn’t fit her. It fits me perfectly, would you look at that!

Now we’re engaged and get to try out all sorts of freaky stuff whenever we want to.

And they all lived freakily ever after.


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