People Reveal The Guiltiest Fap Session They’ve Ever Had




This is more proof that people will do whatever it takes when the urge to spluge hits them. Sometimes they will risk further injury to get the job done.

These fap stars shared their greatest stories on Reddit for all of us to enjoy.

I broke my left arm and dislocated my right shoulder in two separate skateboarding accidents (High school was fun, wasn’t it?). Being a horny lil teenager, I felt the urge to splooge about two days after getting fitted for a cast. I took off my shoulder brace and had the most painful fap I’ve ever experienced. I felt my shoulder bones rubbing against each other, but I was still rock hard. Naturally, all this pain made the fapping take longer, and I couldn’t even look at porn due to being grounded from the skateboarding incidents.


My mother-in-law spanking my wife over-the-knee to tears while telling me how to properly discipline her.

I once jacked off on a plane. In my seat. With an old lady next to me. I was young and I had a large hoodie on that I had retracted my arms ink as I was cold. Then I guess I realized how easy it’d be to pull my junk out under the hoodie and jerked it ever so silently.

One morning, after a night of heavy, heavy drinking, I woke up at 5am completely feeling like shit. Couldn’t move, was going to die. I figure, I’ll fap and try to make myself feel better. Was too sick to go to the computer. So I turned on my TV and the “It’s Always Sunny” dvd I had inside the player. I turned on the episode where Sweet Dee dresses like a whore to seduce a politician. Paused it on a freeze frame of whore Sweet Dee. Fapped. Did not make me feel better.


I must have been between 10-12 at this point because it was right around the time I first discovered masturbation, so I was pretty jacked up about it. I was in the car with my mom to run an errand in our little downtown area, and she parked in the strip of spots that are literally right in front of all the local shops. Literally meaning the car is no more than 15 feet from the window of the shop we are parked in front of. My mom went inside the bakery or some shit to do whatever she had to do, and I stayed in the front seat of the car. I couldn’t wait until I got home so I figured, for God knows what reason, that I should pull my dick out and start jerking it. I can still remember looking in the fucking eyes of people walking on the sidewalk not five feet in front of me., beating my dick like it owed me money. There must be some repressed memory shit going on because I have absolutely no idea if I finished. It’s such a surreal moment in my life I can’t even believe it really happened, nor can I understand what the fuck came over me that day to make me think that was ok to do. This is the first time I have even acknowledged in any sense that that shit really happened.

Was watching TV news coverage of a big sporting event for school. Had to do a report on it. It didn’t look like anything crazy was happening and I got bored, so I went and fapped.

20 minutes later I found out the event I was watching, the Boston Marathon, had been bombed, and all my classmates were there. I was the only one at home as I couldn’t make it to Boston. In my post-fap daze I had to contact everyone including our teacher to make sure they were okay, and saw all of the nsfw/nsfl pictures just after fapping, and had to backtrack to see what I missed so I could report on the media coverage later.

absolute shame

I jerked off in a public pool shower naked when I was 12. I thought I was alone. I turned around and saw an old man staring at me.

I once fapped to the idea of having sex with one of my moms really hot friends before going to sleep. Woke up the next morning to find out she’d killed herself that night…that was something that nobody I know will ever find out about.




I was 15 she was 21. I jerked off watching her take a shower from her bed. She knew about it, still felt weird.

I fapped to Kari Byron getting Chinese water tortured on mythbusters.


To Princess Diana on the day she died, still feel bad about it

My dad had passed away in the master bedroom of our house. After we had sorted through his possessions, got his affairs in order and grieved, my mum decided that she didn’t want the master bedroom, as it was too large. As a result, I took the room after it was redecorated. The first time I fapped in there, it occurred to me that my dad had died in the room which I was now fapping in. I think that is the only fap I’ve ever felt guilty for.

I’ve sometimes touched myself after seeing my roommate go at it with a guy. I always feel a little guilty/weird when I do.

I always felt horrible after busting a nut to my cousin’s dirty panties while visiting for the holidays.

I have to listen to my mom have sex due to how noisy she is. I feel repulsed when i hear it and put my earphones in to drown out the noise. One night i hear her going again but this time for some reason i just needed to fap so i’m listening and fapping. She’s probably dildoing herself or something. After 5 minutes i hear her walk down the hallway and come downstairs so i put my dick away and looked casual. She opened the door and she was upset. She had woken up in the night in severe pain and was actually crying from it. It’s not my fault her sex and crying noise is so similar. But yeah i fapped to the sound of my mom crying in pain. It’s one of those things that will haunt me forever.

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