People Reveal The Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Ever Had To Explain To A Grown Ass Adult

People Reveal The Most Ridiculous Things They’ve Ever Had To Explain To A Grown Ass Adult

Everyone has brain farts from time to time (albeit, some more frequently than others), but usually common sense kicks in. But in some cases, adults are just as clueless about basic, seemingly obvious things as kids are. Over on Reddit, people discussed the most ridiculous things they’ve ever had to explain to a fellow adult. Get ready to shake your damn head.

1. GambitX‘s mom didn’t quite understand how texting in a car works.

My mom told me I couldn’t text while driving in a school zone. I had to explain to her that only applies to the actual driver as I texted away in the passenger seat…

2. Surprisingly, russianout had to explain the birds and the bees (or the hens and the roosters, in this case) to a married man with a child.

That if you want baby chicks, your hens will need to get together with a rooster.

This guy was married with one child, I thought he would have figured some things out.

3. Hey, geography can get confusing, as lswilliams958 learned.

That United Kingdom and United States of America is not the same place just because it has United in front of it.

4. Empty_Allocution had to explain that there are easier ways to get blank sheets of paper.

You can open the photocopier to get blank paper out of it, you know.

You don’t have to keep photocopying that one blank page you keep carrying around with you.

5. PM_ME_A_JOKE_PLS had the task of explaining to a couple in their 50s how loans works.

How a loan works. Customers are sitting in my office trying to buy a vehicle and can’t understand why their 120 payments of X add up to more than the cost of the vehicle. It took about an hour to get them through it. They had bought things before, cars, a house, and somehow in their mid-50s had no idea how interest worked.

6. Beanloopy had no idea where to begin.

I was flying to Australia and a girl I met in the airport asked me if I was worried about crossing the equator. I said “no why” and she said well the plane flips upside down aren’t you concerned it will crash?

I couldn’t even begin to explain.

7. Curlyhair_bescary‘s diagrams didn’t even convince this man.

That girls have 3 holes. I’m a nurse and had to collect urine via a catheter but spent over an hour telling the dad that I would not be taking his daughters virginity by doing this. I drew pictures and he still wasn’t convinced

8. Gnrowland had a couple of good ones.

Alaska isn’t a giant island next to Hawaii.

Bonus: Tigers are not female lions.

9. Fim4 had to deliver an impromptu history lesson.

That the civil war wasn’t fought between North America and South America

10. Enrodude was forced to explain postage to a 19-year-old.

I had a renter who was 19 and it was her first time living on her own. She didn’t get that when you send a letter in the mail; you had to put stamps on the letter. It came back due to no postage…

I basically had to confirm to her that she had to do this. Her response; “It must be a Canada thing because I never had to do that back home”… She is Canadian from Quebec but her parents sheltered her so much that she couldn’t function on her own and thought Quebec and Canada were 2 different countries.

11. Zantazi‘s boss is maybe a little out of the loop when it comes to electronics.

To my boss: You can’t make a color copy of a black and white document. You especially cannot make a color copy of a black and white document while using a copier that only has black toner.

He is 60 yo. He’s worked in offices for the last 30 years.

12. Actuallyjoebiden got into a debate about basic biology.

I once got into a screaming match with someone because she didn’t believe fish aren’t mammals.

13. Tokemon_and_hasha had to explain the difference between a scientist and a Scientologist.

That trusting in the scientific method is not the same thing as being a Scientologist.

14. Yes, safety is key, but inflammable had to tell another adult something that should have been quite obvious.

That you should not wear your eclipse glasses while driving around during the solar eclipse.

15. Toke_A_sarus_Rex had to remind someone the basic logistics behind how a phone works.

How a telephone works.

Customer “Toke, I need this, this and this”

Me ” You need what?”

Customer ” This thing right here, this thing here and here”

Me “Me excuse me, do you have a part #”

Customer “toke, Im staring right at it, the part ”

Me “Sir, I can’t see what your seeing…”

16. ExxInferis got “actually”-ed by a moron.

To an office junior post-graduate in Engineering, after checking his work;

Me: “In the English language, if a word starts with a ‘Q’, it is almost always followed with a ‘U’.”

Him: “Oh yeah?!……What about Croissant?!!!” (Defiant smug stare)

Me: sigh

17. CeMaRiS1 was kind enough to explain that islands have roots a little deeper than those of rubber duckies.

That contrary to her belief islands are in fact not floating like big Rubber boats (she was asking how with the wind and currents the islands still maintained their position without roaming the Oceans like rocky Icebergs.)

18. Kerrryn‘s really takes the proverbial cake.

I was twenty years old, and covering the reception desk at a mid-sized law firm on maybe the 14th or 15th floor of a high-rise building. This attorney was apparently good at her job (from what I understood of her reputation; I didn’t know her well), but this story often makes me wonder about smart and smart. On this day, as she exited the elevator on her return from lunch, she decided to voice what seemed to be a puzzle that stumped her for a very long time. “I don’t understand this building. Why is it, when I enter the elevator facing away from the lobby, I exit facing the lobby on the floor above? It’s like the elevator turns around!”

I stared at her for a few seconds, contemplating time, space, creation, and the giant salary differential between our two positions, before I spoke the last words I’d ever say to her. “Ma’am, you turn around to face the doors once you get into the elevator. You’re facing the lobby when the elevator starts to move.”

She went out of her way to avoid me after that.


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