People Reveal Things Men Get Away With That Women Can’t – Like Having A Beard.

Look, although we strive for equality, there are just some things that men can get away with that women can’t. And visa versa! For example, as a woman, I am allowed to cry while watching Steel Magnolias for the millionth time, something that would elicit judgey stares if I were a man. The patriarchy is detrimental to us all, folks.

Anywho, Reddit came together to discuss the specific things that men can get away with that women can’t, and the thread is seriously illuminating, spanning everything from the superficial to the super deep. One thing is for sure though— life certainly ain’t fair.

Darkmetroidz is afraid of being an outfit-repeater.

Wearing the same clothes. Guys get to have 5 shirts and 2 pants and it’s clothes for a month.

But she’s not alone. Right, exattic?

Repeating outfits

knightni73 knows the BS struggle of having to be clean shaven all. the. damn. time.

Having extra hair on their body.


 acknowledges that women are often expected to be baby-making machines.

Please let me know if I’m wrong, but basically, as soon as I settled in to my career, my extended family have gotten in to wondering when I’m going to be popping out babies. Like they even legit skipped asking about where my husband is. They just want me to make babies.

Like… I’m single, new to this career, just trying to pay off my loans, and the notion that babies are not on the forefront of my mind baffles them. It seems like this notion that i’m just… expected to be a mother and the primary caretaker at some point might affect me negatively in the work force too.

melodic_melancholic just wants to take a standing piss. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?

Peeing inconspicuously anywhere they want without either having piss drop down their thighs or popping a squat. Do you guys understand how lucky you are that you don’t need TP or wiping after a piss?

surprisefaceclown‘s grandmother is a damn pioneer. Hero.

simultaneously being bald and having a beard. My grandma is trying out this look, but I don’t suggest it


 wants to make fun of her friends. Honestly, go for it.

Publicly roasting their friends. If a woman is wearing a questionable shirt her friends will say “oh that’s cute”. If a guy shows up to a gathering wearing a porkpie hat you know damn well his friends are going to clown on him.

And christiant33 wants to free the nip.

Going shirtless in public

murder_kitty is not your maid, so don’t treat her like one.

This is definitely a bad thing no matter who does it (and most men do NOT do this). People shouldn’t get away with this, but they do. It’s thing where you date someone for a while, things are going well, you move in together, then BAM! You turn around and say “honey, I expect you to do all my laundry, cooking, and cleaning from now on. After all, you are my wife now.” This happened to a couple of my friends. I have only seen this seismic shift in power dynamics from the male partner towards his female partner (not the other way around). While they’re living separately and dating, the guy is fine doing his own household chores, then once he moves in with a girlfriend/wife, he expects her to take on all chores.


 just wants to chat with old ladies. She should try a hair salon at 10 a.m.

My boyfriend loves going to the pub and chatting with the geezers, all men. Sometimes I wish there was a public room full of tipsy old ladies I could chat to.

catalit brought up every woman’s pet peeve.

Have pants with actual pockets. Just once I want to find a pocket in a pair of women’s pants that’s not a fake pocket. Pls.

And things got real when gothpeanutbuttermentioned something that way too many women are familiar with.

being calm, direct, and serious in nature. I try to be as professional as possible but many people think I’m a stuck up bitch because I don’t smile excessively and talk a lot.


 echoed her point.

Interrupting, especially in a business environment. When I try to talk, men will start a sentence like they were speaking into silence. Once, I interrupted a male coworker and the room would have been less hostile if I had murdered a toddler instead.

Surprise! Many people are shitty to women. Right, LargeFalcon?

Enjoying certain things (sports, video games, music) without being questioned

saareadaar piggybacked off that thought and recounted her own experience:

Playing online video games and using voice chat without getting harassed. I play Rainbow Six Siege, I need to use voice chat with my team to make callouts as text chat is just too slow. The amount of times I’ve had men rabidly ask if I’m a girl, to keep talking, to hum (yeah that happened once, it was weird) is astounding. I’ve had people follow me around the map and make lewd comments and if I mute them (which I’m hesitant to do because again, callouts) then they start using text chat which you can’t mute. And of course, you can only report hackers, not abuse so I can’t do anything about them.

Oh and I always receive a friend request after.

Edit: I also forgot to mention, if I get defensive then I’m a bitch/cunt/take things too seriously because it was just a joke, if I ignore it then the abuse continues, and for obvious reasons I’m not going to go along with it. I’ve only ever had about 2 people defend me in-game, one of which was a friend I was playing with (and very grateful for).

Yeah. Things got really real on this thread. Bennystone2013 mentions a good point.

Walking home alone at night. I can’t imagine being completely terrified every time I needed to take even just a short walk home.

As does nightlock7.

Being more focused on their career than having a family and settling down. When a woman does this, she’s considered cold. When a man does it, he’s ambitious.

and ScimitarJane.

Not participating as much in raising their kids. If my husband watches our son for 2 hours while I go out for dinner once a month, he’s the world’s greatest dad. The standard is so low it should be offensive to men.

We went out to eat once and my husband finished up while I tended to our son. He then offered to take our son to the car while I finished. Our waitress came back and actually said to me, “You’re so lucky to have a man watch yourbaby.” We both wear wedding bands and the kid’s ginger as they come – pretty obviously ours.

I’m also the one who gets shit heaped on me for anything people perceive to be “wrong” about our parenting. My husband is absolved.

And dp80 mentions that women can’t even get old without being ridiculed.


But not everything on the thread was heavy. Just ask ChipptheRipper.

Peeing your name in the snow. It just seems like if a woman wanted to do that it would be unlegible.

But really, Corpse_Pilot says we need equality so women can do everything men can do, including:

Buying a spouse from another country. You never hear about mail order husbands.

Yeesh! Good thing gender is just a construct, right guys?


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