People Share Their Deepest, Most Shameful ‘Slutty Stories’


“This year I had sex with 3 of my 6 female coworkers at a pizza place and 2nd base with a 4th. Do not regret. Also have since been tested and am clean.”



“I met an older woman on a night out, I was newly single and looking for fun. We ended up going back to hers where she proceeded to give me the best blow job of my life, and then I felt a strange sensation which felt just like a tongue working its way towards my ass hole… it was her tongue, working its way towards my asshole. I had a second of panic, then just let it happen. If this woman wants to rim me 3 hours after we met, who was I to say no?”




“A very large 4th of July sex party that I attended with my girlfriend’s friends, who are wayyyyy more freaky than my own friends. I’m an exhibitionist and it was honestly the most fun I’ve ever had in a long time.”



“Fooled around with a girl after taking her home from a club, but we weren’t clicking, so we didn’t seal the deal. Next night, same club, that girls sister tells me how much she’s been wanting me for a while. Took her home and we clicked HARD. A few times fucking later, she wanted to bring her gay friend in to have me suck him off. I’m kinky af, but guys don’t do it for me, so she pegged me, as he jerked off to it.”




“After getting out of a 4.5 year long monogamous relationship, I was convinced by my friends to download Tinder. I have no shame so I have told my friends all the gory details, but there was a time when a guy came over for sex at around 11 PM and then left, another guy came over for sex at 3 AM and then left, I slept for a couple hours and then another guy came over for sex around noon and then left, and then almost immediately the first guy came over again. It was a crazy 15 hours.”



“Some girl offered to blow me if I bought her cookies from McDonald’s. Got a $1.07 blowjob that night. I felt pretty grimy after that.”




“Met a guy on tinder and met up with him at his house to pregame before going to a party. I pregamed with him and his very attractive roommate, got extremely drunk, and left the party with the roommate. Blacked out and roommate texted me in the morning that he walked me home with the intentions of sleeping together but realized quickly that I was in no state to consent. The morning after the party, I spent the entire day sleeping with the original guy and we were FWB for months after… while also sleeping with the roommate numerous times.”




“Met a girl on Tinder who was leaving my hometown just as I was returning. Our flight plans lined up so that I landed an hour before she departed. We met in the terminal bar, had a drink, then went into the family restroom and had really great sex for 20 minutes.”



“I went to buy concert tickets from a complete stranger and ended up banging her. She was a complete psycho, but I guess the warning signs were there.”




“I one time matched with a girl on tinder who lived an hour away. Went and picked her up, drove the hour back to town to Dave N Buster’s. Afterwards, we took it back to my place, we were making out and somehow the topic got brought up that she was a cam model and posted videos of herself for money and gifts.

I didn’t really care (I wasn’t planning on this lasting past that night) but she told me some of her customers had been asking to see her get a facial. She asked if I’d video her sucking me off and finishing on her face. I was like f*ck it and went ahead with it. Once I finished, she looked into the camera and winked and said: “sign up for premium to see more” or some shit like that. Then a little later I videoed me putting it in her ass. What a night I’ll tell you. So my dick is on some website apparently.”




“Fucked a girl in a movie theater with one other person in it. We thought we were being sneaky at the time, but it was pretty fucking obvious”



“Kind of a humblebrag really but a girl gave me a blowjob in the upstairs part of a venue that was blocked off. The slutty part about it is we never even spoke a word, she just kind of motioned for me to come her way and I did. She went for my pants to unbutton and I just let it happen. Came in her mouth and she smiled and walked out.

No words, no name, never saw her again after that show. Bless punk shows.”




“Back when I was playing in my band, I would often hook up with girls in the audience just to have a place to sleep that wasn’t my car.”



“Took a girl up onto the roof of the hostel to bang, and told her I was tired and going to bed after. But actually, I proceeded to go back down the bar next door, picked up another girl and went to her room. I actually felt gross.”




“I was 23 and met an older woman (31) who was going through a divorce on an app called Whisper. I drove to her house and we fucked. We enjoyed each other so we decided to make it a normal thing. Before my third visit she asked if I wanted to have a threesome and of course, I said yes. The other girl was 18 and was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitor, and the older woman was her former babysitter.”



“I talked to this dude in 9chat and he came to my place for four days and we fucked for four days. Then he left and I never talked to him again. Didn’t tell anyone.”




“Fucked the guy who came to set up my cable and internet.”




“Met up with a guy from tinder to watch a movie at his place. he ended up putting on the emoji movie and I still decided to have sex with him. not my proudest moment.”



“On our trip to Vegas, when I said I was on the casino floor gambling by myself for a couple hours? I was actually meeting up with an older couple to fuck the wife while the husband watched.”




“My boyfriend of the time approached me with an idea… could he make ice cubes out of his cum, stick them up my ass, then fuck me using the melting cum as lube? After a couple weeks, and several masturbation sessions later, he had cultivated a final product.

​He stuck four cubes up my ass, railed my brains out, and I then proceeded to empty myself afterward into the toilet. But yeah, the cum cubes basically turned my hole into a cum slurpie.”



“My first boyfriend was an asshole. I dumped him, then fucked his brother. And his sister.”




“So I’m in the kink scene but none of my friends know. I work a 9 to 5, high-level management. One Sunday funday while we were all watching the game I get a text from a friend that he wanted to fill my holes with cum. Immediately I get turned on but know I can’t host and can’t leave since we’ll I am surrounded by vanillas. He tells me not to worry. Tells me he is outside and to fake like I am taking the trash out.

I grab a few bags and open my door. He pulls me into the hvac room. Covers my mouth and proceeds to fuck the shit out of me. Tells me to get on my knees and fills my mouth with cum. He tells me I’m a good girl. And sends me on my way. I was in orgasm bliss I walked back into my apt with the trash bags. My friends were confused. Luckily I’m quick on my feet and said I saw a rat and was too scared to put the trash there.”


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