People Shared Their Best Sex Tips That Actually Work Because There’s A Lot Of Misinformation Out There

Most people first learn the ebbs and flows of sex by watching porn (and movies), but this can lead to some total blunders in the bedroom. I’m sure there are books out there designed to teach you how to sport fuck like a race horse but I’ve never seen them, nor do I know anyone who has ever admitted to reading self-help books about sex. Most of the actual learning about sex is done in the bedroom, but there are still a lot of tips out there to be learned. Below, a bunch of people shared their real/actual sex tips, tips that work. Why? Because it’s important to cut out all the bullshit and only stick to move that work (via AskReddit):


“Start like a butterfly landing on a flower, end like a bulldog eating mayonnaise.”
I wish I could remember who said it, but it was fucking genius.

When her orgasm starts, keep doing exactly whatever you’re doing until she’s done.

When you’re fingering a girl’s g spot while she’s laying down, put some pressure on her pelvis, on the spot that makes you feel like you have to pee (just push on yourself a bit to get a good idea of where exactly to push). She’ll start speaking fucking tongues.
Pushing gently down on the lower abdomen, just above the pelvic bone puts pressure on the bladder and everything else. Fingering the g-spot internally with gentle exterior pressure feels incredible.

It’s ok to manually stimulate the clitoris during sex, often times it’s appreciated.

“Don’t stop!” doesn’t mean go harder/faster. Keep the pace and motion the same.

Maybe not a tip from some authoritative source like Cosmo or Playboy or reddit or whatever, but as a woman what time and experience have taught me is that not tripping about how you look to the guy and just relaxing into it is how to enjoy it most and how your partner will enjoy it most. I’d love to say this to me of 25 years ago: “girlfriend if y’all are naked together and he’s about to go inside you, he absolutely gives zero fucks if you’re sucking in your stomach or not, if you shaved your legs that day or not, or if your bra is from KMart or Victoria’s Secret. He may not be falling in love with you, but he’s down to fuck you, so just enjoy and roll with it.” It’s been my experience that the guy has more fun too when you’re not tripping about how you look and are just getting really into it.

If a woman is on top, put a pillow under your butt. It will give you better depth and give her an easier time maneuvering.

You don’t always have to fuck her hard, in fact some times that’s not nice to do.


boobs are surprisingly sensitive and not just squeeze toys.

Holding an orgasm. I’d just let them wash over me, amazing but quick. Was told to hold it, so I began practicing hitting a peak & holding it for about 10 seconds. Now I orgasm for about a minute, followed by aftershocks. Much better.

Try spooning, and rubbing her entire body, especially her front side. Tensions rise astronomically

Work on cardio and your core more. It helps with stamina when she’s really asking for it.

Memory Foam mattresses are the bomb.
1. No slipping and sliding all over as you missionary that shit. (Good Grip)
2. Really good at absorbing and soundproofing farts. (Unrelated)

Swankified_Tristan 1113 points 18 hours ago*
If you focus on pleasing the woman, you’ll have a good time.

Imma write this for guys, but girls can use some too.
— 10-15 minutes of fucking is usually the sweet spot. It’s long enough for both of you to get off, yet short enough that fucking itself doesn’t become boring (it happens). Also, go longer than 15 minutes and you wind up with a sore dick and sore vagina. Not sore muscle, which can even be pleasant, but sore skin.
— To hit all the buttons, ask what the fucking buttons are
— Don’t pull crazy/edgy/outlandish moves without thoroughly discussing both your limits
— Use your fucking hands. Touch her shoulders, hips, hair, neck, stomach, hands, back, feet. The whole body is an erogenous zone if you do it right.
— Ask her what she likes. Learn everything she likes.

To prevent a trigger-happy ending:
— Rub one out roughly 3-4 hours before sexytime.
— Pelvic floor exercises, also known as kegel exercises (Google it)
— Practice edging, also known as biofeedback, during masturbation
— During sexy time, slow down. The fucking should feel like both of you are being firmly massaged. Reserve pornstar level jack-hammering for the last minute.
— Getting close? Squeeze down on your muscles the same way you squeeze down to stop peeing. Squeeze hard!
— Breathe into your stomach rather than taking shallow breaths


Explore. Explore explore explore. I started exploring positions with my SO and now the phrase “I want to try something” has been associated in her head with sexy times and now she gets wet in public when I want to try a sample of a new ice cream flavor. It’s been that good. If you can think of it, give it a go. Just try not to hurt yourself or your partner(s).

Trim your nails, trim your bush/shave down under, communicate, the basic stuff.

As I guy I am a firm believer in going down on her and giving her an orgasm before even starting. First of all she has already had 1 so you are automatically in the upper half in terms of performance (takes a lot of pressure off you). Second it goes in much easier and with little discomfort so she doesn’t have to start building from square 1, so her next orgasm will take way less work from you. When having sex I like to be on top, that way I can control the pace and my orgasm easier.

Don’t assume anything about your partner. If you’re not sure, ask. A little communication goes a long way.


Take your time during sex. As a guy when you watch porn the dude is just railing the girl at like 90kph. You gotta take your time or else you tire yourself out in like 2 minutes.

This last one’s long, but rather graphic and pretty comprehensive.

twoinvenice 266 points 10 hours ago*
Go slow, and when you are getting close, take a break and switch positions. Eventually you’ll become a bit desensitized and then you can find a rhythm that will take longer to bring you back to the edge.
Importantly, you should also learn what gets women off – it isn’t about speed… it’s about rhythm, consistency, and making sure that the right parts of you hit the right parts of her.
Younger guys tend to not understand that properly fucking a girl isn’t like porn where you just slam your dick into her as hard and as fast as possible. Your dick, magnificent though it may be, is not the main thing that is going to get her off. It plays an important part to be sure, but the rest of your body around it is also incredibly important.
Some rare girls might like it that and be able to get off, but in general the problem is that most women’s clits require a longer period of regular stimulation to build to orgasm. Think about a vibrator, they just provide consistent motion and stimulation, and there aren’t too many girls who fail to get off using one.
Missionary or her riding you works well for helping her orgasm from sex because it can provide direct contact of her clit to your body, you just need to visualize where her clit is and actually think about how your motion is going to hit that spot – think of that saddle between the top of your dick and your pelvis providing a combination of pressure and rubbing motion directly onto her clit.
So start off with all the crazy acrobatic positions or speedy thrusting earlier while having sex, do doggy style earlier and go at it… lots of girls are turned on by the deep penetration it gives and the feeling of your balls hitting her clit, but most aren’t likely to cum from that position. So use the fun positions to get her worked up. Then at some point go slower (when you start feeling like you are starting to get closer to cumming) and switch to a full contact position like missionary. Use a regular tempo while changing up things like the depth, or the amount and force of contact pressure from your pelvis against her clit.
You’ll feel when you get in sync with her tempo, from that point on keep going that speed to bring her to orgasm. Of course you don’t want to be a boring robot, so play around and tease her. Bring her closer and then back off, and then hit that rhythm again. If you are feeling playful tell her she isn’t allowed to cum until you want her to – not in a cruel way, just make her feel like you are in control… have fun with it (and don’t do it every time you are having sex that would be weird). Also, you know, talk to the girl. If you are feeling close tell her and let her know that you need to slow things down for a second or stop thrusting. Stopping is weird if you don’t let your partner know why you are doing it, and it is totally fine if you are talking about it.
Backing off doesn’t need to mean stopping completely either, you can not really be thrusting in and out but still stimulate her clit by moving your hips around to put pressure on her. To do that your dick should be all the way in her, and then pull out just a teeny bit so she gets some sensation of movement and then push back into her firmly making sure to make contact with her clit by moving your hips. The firm pressure and movement from your hips should make her clit feel good and you’d be surprised at how little you actually have to move your dick in and out for her to enjoy the feeling.
The benefit for you in all this is that by going slow, and having little breaks for yourself, you making it less likely that you are going to accidentally bust if you are sensitive, and you can also edge your orgasm to make it even stronger when you do let yourself cum.
Also, do not be afraid to bring toys into sex, they aren’t just for solo play. If you are feeling sensitive, flip her over on her stomach and fuck her from behind slowly while she uses a vibrator on her clit to cum. Also look into vibrating cock rings. I got one after seeing someone else post about them on reddit and it quickly became my girlfriend’s favorite thing. It puts a little vibrator pack right up against where her clit will be. She’s even gone as far as buying them, and a bunch of the tiny batteries they use, as bridal shower gifts for her girlfriends who are getting married.

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