People Shared Stuff About Sex That Surprised Them The First Time

People Shared Stuff About Sex That Surprised Them The First Time

People on Reddit are sharing their initial impressions of sex, and the responses vary from deeply relatable to absurdly specific. The journey to sexual enlightenment (or basic comfort with the act) is a unique one, but there are some obvious common threads of novice confusion that bond us all.

Given the universal appeal of sex, the answers were bountiful when the Reddit user Bld123 asked the question: What surprised you about sex the first time you had it?!

One user lamented how disappointing the act was in general.

This sounds like a personal problem, as other Reddit users pointed out. But again, it’s rare that sex is stellar the first time out of the gate.

Obviously, people had different opinions here.

Some people focused on how lovely it is to experience the cuddling and overall physical intimacy.


The comments about cuddling got a bit depressing fast.

Still, it’s refreshing to see strangers open up and share on this level.

One user had a hilariously cryptic comment about the difficulties of waterbed sex.


Another commenter expressed a preference for PT Cruisers over waterbeds.

Where are these people hiding?!

That escalated fast.

One woman shared a lovely story about the emotional intimacy and release she experienced the first time.

This is lovely.

While others lamented just how messy the ordeal can be.

It gets graphic.

One man revealed his awe at the sounds.

Bodies are majestic.

While another user shared a hilarious story about the “clapping sounds” during sex.

This is a crash course for sure.

At the end of the day, some Reddit users are just plain exhausted from the act.

Plus the LOTR references are on point.

It seems the jury is out, having sex for the first time is as disorienting as it is wonderful.

We’ll cheers to that.

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