People Think The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Got A Full Ride To Harvard

People Think The ‘Cash Me Outside’ Girl Got A Full Ride To Harvard


The “Cash Me Outside Girl” is still a few years away from us being able to use her real name, Danielle Bregoli, in a headline. And she’s probably a decade out from name recognition on her rap name, Bhad Bhabie.

But the 14-year-old girl who got famous for sassing Dr. Phil is definitely a marketing genius. She turned one viral clip into a massive social media following, a clothing line, a music career, and a surefire future in reality T.V. Harvard would be lucky to have her, although they won’t, because she’s 14.

Not that that stopped the internet from seeing this Instagram…

…and immediately gasping that Bregoli was Harvard-bound.

In the gullible net’s defense, Bregoli captioned the (now deleted) photo, “Keeping da t-shirt, but giving away my full ride scholarship to Harvard to da best fan video” of her song “I Got It.”

So what were we supposed to think? That she just happened to be on Harvard’s campus, joking around like any teenager would? Come on. That’s less reasonable than immediately running articles like: “Danielle Bregoli: Accepted to Harvard?!”

TMZ accosted caught up with Bregoli on the street to clarify:

“I didn’t get no scholarship, dog! … I’m not going to Harvard!” responded Bregoli to the frenzy from her Instagram, ignoring the interviewer’s fun suggestion that she could party with Malia Obama.

“Seriously, I’m too good for Harvard.”

Seriously, watch the video that made her famous again. She’s too good for Harvard? She’s too good for the White House.

Nonetheless, Bregoli for President.

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