People Are Tripping Over The Fact Model Karlie Kloss’ Perfume Bottle Looks Like A Sex Toy


Former Victoria’s Secret model Karlie Kloss (you guys remember her, right?) just released a new ad for her perfume, Good Girl. Unfortunately for her, all people could see when they watched it was that the bottle looked like a sex toy.

In fact, SO many people thought this that the company the makes the perfume, House of Herrera, pulled the ad completely off Instagram.

I guess a bottle that’s confused for a dildo was not quite what they were going for.

According to Page Six

An Instagram post from House of Herrera showing a sultry Kloss squirting the bottle, shaped like a black lacquered stiletto, sparked numerous posts that it looks more like a sex toy.

Comments included, “Legit thought this was a dildo,” “That is a vibrator not perfume” and “Like who approved this design?”

Here’s a screencap someone saved of the new ad. See what you think…

What’s funny is that it’s just the ad that’s new, not the bottle. The perfume itself has been around for about a year.

Apparently it’s all about perspective as here are a couple of screencaps from an ad they produced in 2016

Sex toy…



Caroline Herrera, the person behind House of Herrera and Kloss’ perfume, had previously described the logic behind the bottle’s design…

“I wanted an object of feminine power,” she explained earlier this year. “All women, every single one of us, have this duality. We’re not just one-note, or have one talent, or one personality. I wanted to use the shape of the bottle to represent and empower women.”

Ummm… mission accomplished?


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