People Who Chose To Deform Their Bodies In Extreme Ways

If there’s one thing that’s a certainty it’s that people love to express themselves. Everyone is an individual so it’s natural that most of us want to follow our own interests and pursue our own lives as we choose. We’re all a little different from the next person and this can be seen in the way we live our lives. Not everyone wears the same clothing, listens to the same music, follows the same political or religious beliefs or works the same jobs. These are the sorts of things that help set us apart from each other and play a role in shaping our identity and how others see us.
Of course, for some people, the need to stand out or express themselves goes beyond buying that obscure indie music album or picking up the newest cargo shorts from Old Navy. For the most part, such individuals have often turned to piercing and tattooing. Ironically, given that tattoos have become so trendy lately, those who enjoy adding ink to their body aren’t really being individualistic but following a wider trend which is likely to fall off in a few years. In any event, these two methods of body modification have been long time favorites for those wishing to stand out a little more from the crowd.
When a few studs and a couple Chinese characters inked on your arm and shoulder aren’t enough, some people are willing to take things to a whole new level of body modification. Some people take the level of tattooing and body piercing to levels most of us would never contemplate undertaking. Still, others go more extreme and begin modifying things like facial structure, eye color and the shape and size of various body parts. These sorts of modifications often tip the scale into the realm of deformation as the individual is choosing to forever alter the way they look. For those unwilling to experience permanent deformation, there are temporary or less scarring methods of body deformation which thousands of people choose to undergo all the time. Regardless, for most of us the level of transformation is extreme and something we would never consider undertaking.
The following video looks at 10 of the ways people have chosen to deform their bodies. In some instances, specific individuals have been centered out because of the extreme lengths they have gone to when it comes to body deformation. Ahead you’ll also find some general types of practices people have tried to modify their looks. These aren’t necessarily limited to one specific person but have been undertaken by a group from a specific culture or tribe. Some of the following methods of deformation are less permanent than others but still pretty strange considering what the person is voluntarily doing to themselves. In the end, after seeing this most of us will be happy to stick with our conventional piercings or even those safe and very temporary water-soluble tattoos.

People Who Chose To Deform Their Bodies In Extreme Ways

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