People Who Won A Lifetime Supply Of Something Talk About How That’s Working Out

At some point in your life, you probably have fantasized about winning a lifetime supply of something. Whether you thought about winning enough food to never have to go grocery shopping ever again, or enough wine just to make it through the work week, having a free supply of something until you die sounds like a dream come true (well, besides the part where you die). These Redditors have actually gotten to experience that kind of magic, and have either won lifetime or year-long supplies of something. They shared their experiences about winning, and made pretty much everyone reading very jealous in the process.

1. PiratePegLeg has enough Mars Bars to feed an obese, gluttonous army.

I won a lifetime supply of Mars Bars when I was 15. I get a box of 30 delivered every month. For the first 6 months it was awesome, never had to buy chocolate, had plenty to share with my friends. After a year it was hard to even give them away as everyone was sick of Mars Bars.

Now every 3 months or so I deliver 75 or so to my local food bank. I’m currently living in Thailand, I dread to think how many Mars Bars I’m going to go home too.


2. Jake382 traded their lifetime supply for cold hard cash.

Mcdonalds monopoly was going on and we won 8 EA Sports games each year for life. We got a call a week or two later and were offered a cash option instead. Turned out to be worth around 24,000 dollars.

Edit: We took the cash after my mom started crying when she heard the woman on the phone say it.

Edit 2: My mom also yelled at my dad for buying chicken nuggets before he could explain what was going on.

3. Malzypants fed the neighborhood with their year supply of cereal.

Won a year’s supply of Apple Jack’s cereal when I was 10. Literally a pallet of AJ was dropped at my front door. The entire neighborhood ate AJ for months.


4. legendofpaige‘s teacher gave laundry detergent away as gifts. Thanks?

I hate to be that person to say “not me but-” but I had a teacher who got a lifetime supply of Tide. He bought a box at the grocery store and it was half empty for some reason, so he wrote a really polite letter to Tide to let them know. A truck showed up at his house with a lifetime supply of Tide. They used to give it away as gifts to dinner guests and friends because they didn’t know what to do with all of it. One day he got a call from his mom saying she was using the final box. Apparently it lasted for a good number of years though. Would have lasted for longer if they didn’t give most of it away.
Edit: It seems a lot of people don’t know what Tide was, I didn’t even think about that while writing this out. It’s just laundry detergent, but it’s one of the more expensive ones.

5. andelocks tasted the rainbow a little too hard.

My mom won a ? year supply of skittles in the form of over a thousand coupons for a free bag. The boner was you could only redeem 5 coupons a time at any one store. I’ve sat in a Rubbermaid filled with skittles, made giant balls of compressed skittles, made it rain skittles style at my friends wedding, thrown up hundreds of rainbows. Still love em.


6. gcm6664 was lucky not once, but twice.

When I was young (like 5) my parents won a years supply of Cool Whip on “Let’s Make a Deal”. A few weeks later my dad stopped a truck and informed the driver his trailer was on fire. The truck was hauling Tootsie Rolls and the driver gave him several cases.

I only remember that during that time it seemed like Cool Whip and Tootsie Rolls were “free” similar to Water, unlike the other things that you had to shop for. These things are still valueless to me.

7. AndrewL78 gets older, but his razors stay the same age.

In 1974, my dad was a detective in the vice squad. One night they busted a few guys driving a truck that had many kilos of coke hidden amongst a shipment of razors. After the trial, all the guys in his unit got to take home as many as they wanted. I was born 8 years later and neither he nor I have ever bought razors since. If someone sees me shaving they might ask where I got that 1970srazor. So I tell them: the 1970s.


8. newstarttn confirms that it actually is possible to get sick of eating delicious burritos.

My brother-in-law won the Chipotle Adventurrito thing and won free burritos for a year. There are 52 coupons for burritos. He’s used some of them but now he uses them as alternative currency. Homeless man asking for money? Chipotle burrito. Not sure what to do for a casual gift? Chipotle burrito coupon. Want to tip a person without giving money? Here’s a burrito. Guess what I got for Christmas?

Edit: As much as I appreciate all of the comments about the gifts that I could’ve gotten, I got Chipotle burritos and watercolor paint. I know it must come as a huge surprise. I was never expecting burritos. Apparently, neither was anyone else.

9. Pchanizzle comes clean about how much soap they have.

My mom and dad bought a water softener about 22 years ago. With it came a lifetime supply of bar soap. The company gave it to them all at once. It was a pallet of bar soap… thousands of bars of soap. They still have a bunch of it. The soap is “Lan-o-Sheen” brand.

10. lgtm is not salty about winning a year supply of pretzels.

A family member won a year’s supply of pretzels. It was really more pretzels than any family could eat in a year. A pallet of pretzels. An obscene amount of pretzels. You could say it was twisted.

Cue to two years later and we’re having peppermint bark with pretzels embedded in it. Yup, same pretzels.

11. dumbolddoor would have traded it all to meet Shamu.

I won a year supply of kraft mac n cheese for trying to win the contest of getting your face on the box. all i wanted to win was that trip to sea world.. but all i got was an honorable mention… so mac n cheese for a year will suffice. edit: yes ive seen blackfish and the cove and every other documentary, but I was 7 at the time- give me some goddamn slack.


12. buddhabear1 will never know the dread of running out of toilet paper when you need it most.

I currently receive what seems to be a lifetime supply of toilet paper… Over 20 years ago, I lived in Southern California, and became fond of a variety of Charmin that was infused with baby oil. (So soft and smooth!) Shortly thereafter, I moved to Virginia for work. The local stores didn’t have my baby oil Charmin, and I was told that it didn’t exist. I called Proctor and Gamble to find out what was up, and was told that the baby oil version was offered in So.Cal. as a test market, and it didn’t turn out so well, so it is no longer offered to stores. I was crushed. The company did, however, take my name and address, and I was told that I would receive coupons in the mail for my inquiry, and interest in their product. About three weeks later, a box arrived from Proctor and Gamble that contained two separate four packs of toilet paper, one marked A, and the other B. The letter that was enclosed stated that since I had such a penchant for toilet paper, I had been selected to test out their new varieties. I was instructed to use the package marked A for a week, and then switch to the package marked B the following week. I was told a phone call would follow. After two weeks, I received a call from the company asking about the results of my test. They asked these crazy questions, like, could I name three adjectives describing my experience with both types of paper! It was definitely a phone call to remember. At the end of the call, I was told that I would receive coupons and other considerations in the mail for my participation in this test. Ever since then, I have received a free four pack of Charmin toilet paper, once a month, every month. This has gone on for over 20 years, and does not look like it will stop.


13. ImaginationStation had a whole fridge filled with “the best stuff on Earth.”

Not so much “won” as “bribed with” Snapple for life.

My dad worked in marketing for transportation catering in the 90s and Snapple gave us a truck full of every single one of their product types. They stopped by every six months or so to get our feedback and ask if we wanted more. At one point we had a Snapple-only double fridge in our laundry room to chill 3 of each flavor while the rest were in boxes taking up a good part of our garage.

My cousin tried to maintain a bottle-top collection, but lost count after 5000~.

I have no idea if my dad still gets Snapple like that, but his house still has a Snapple-only fridge.

It was awesome, bordering magical.

I would replace my veins with 90s Snapple if I could. No regrets on that experience.

14. dynamovolition is the unluckiest lifetime supply winner ever.

I won a lifetime supply of a particular brand of ice cream in a local naming contest when I was 12, but I didn’t get it all at once. It all accounts to a certain amount of tubs in the form of a voucher that I am able to use over and over again, but I’m not sure what that amount is. I don’t keep track of it on account of the fact that I’m lactose intolerant and rarely purchase ice cream unless company is coming over or something.


15. KnowMatter already ran out of something they received a “lifetime supply” of.

I never got the full story on how they got them, but my grandparents somehow ended up with two dozen or so pallets of tic tacs of various flavors. To put this in perspective consider how big those plastic containers tic tacs come in are, now consider how many you could fit in a fully stacked pallet and multiply it several times over… yeah.

It was pretty awesome, until we ran out of orange ones.

16. SBecker30 can go see scary clowns for life.

My wife won a lifetime pass to the circus when she was in kindergarten. Almost 20 years of trips, she still get’s VIP seats any (and every night if she wanted) for herself and 3 other people. It’s been awesome since we’ve had kids!


17. fameisforassholes probably had the most creative use for their lifetime supply.

Roommate and I won a “lifetime” supply of butter in college. Apparently “lifetime” was 2lbs of butter a week for a year. Stocked it up, got drunk, and tried to make a slip and slide with all the butter. It went okay.

Edit: For all those wondering about the success of said butter slide, remember to let your butter melt for a while to provide sufficient lubrication. Even with the sting of butter in the road rash, I would give the experience a 7/10, would do again.

18. iamkokonutz made a commercial in order to win a year’s supply of KD.

I won what was supposed to be a years supply, 365 boxes of KD. They ended up giving over 1,000 boxes though. I just gave it all to the food bank.

(KD is Kraft Dinner here in Canada, Americans know it as Kraft macaroni and cheese. Canadians eat more KD per capita than any country in the world. It’s a staple. This is all the KD we could fit in the car for the picture. ​​I remember having twice as much.


EDIT: For people who are asking how we won, it was a contest where you made a video to show how you love your KD. We beat a girl named Hailey who was 3 years old and tap danced how she loved her KD. We kinda kicked her ass… (I know, I couldn’t act my way out of a paper bag.

19. PTRugger ate like a king for a year. A king who loves nuggets.

I won a years supply of ChickfilA at a grand opening. They gave us 52 free Chickfila Sandwich vouchers (which could luckily be used for nuggets is well). Considering how many of those nuggets I would’ve eaten if it had been unlimited, they got off very easily. I worked next door to a Chickfila that summer…ate nuggets for lunch every. Single. Day.


20. If viberight drank their entire lifetime supply, it would probably shorten their lifetime.

Life supply of Monster energy a few years back ( 6 in 1 box) I won 365 boxes of monster energy

21. Then, as a bonus, what Canis07 won is the gift that keeps on giving.

My platoon sergeant once told me I won a lifetime supply of shut the fuck up. So, uh, I guess I still have that going for me.




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