Perez Hilton Told Kylie Jenner To Get An Abortion And The Internet Is Outraged

Perez Hilton Told Kylie Jenner To Get An Abortion And The Internet Is Outraged



If you are a living, breathing human with internet access, you probably know by now that Kylie Jenner is most likely pregnant. The news broke on Friday, and although people definitely had some strong feelings about it, Perez Hilton, a blogger known for disparaging celebs on his website, definitely crossed a line by suggesting that Jenner should get an abortion. In this video posted to Twitter, Perez says he does not think Kylie would be a good mom, and urges Kris to advise her daughter to terminate the pregnancy.

I’ve just got to do a slow clap, a slow clap for Kylie Jenner.  She knows how to work it!  She is the new Kim Kardashian.  I don’t care about any of them other bitches right now, Kylie Jenner has just one-upped everybody.  In case you haven’t been paying attention, Kylie Jenner has been dating rapper Travis Scott for what, 5 months, 6 months? And also, a reminder Kylie Jenner is 19 years old. Um, I love life, I love babies. If I were Kris Jenner, I would tell that girl to get an abortion!

First thing’s first: there is nothing wrong with getting an abortion, but there is something very wrong with some dude is telling a 20-year-old (yes, she is 20, not 19) what to do with her body. Her body, her choice. Also, women already have too many men telling us what to do with our bodies— from trolls on the internet to government officials who make laws. You can keep your two cents, Perez.

Though some of Twitter agreed with Perez, many chastised him for his uncalled-for remarks.

But he did not back down.

As a matter of fact, he started to doubling down

Well, you’re not her father, Perez. And unlike your daughter, Kylie is an adult with the capacity to make her own decisions. Maybe it would be best to teach your daughter how to make good choices from the start and empower her to be strong in her decision making— that is probably more valuable than simply telling her what to do.

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