PETA Wants To Stop Anti-Animal Language So Everyone’s Roasting Them

PETA took to Twitter today in an attempt to redirect the general public’s disposition toward “anti-animal language” by posting a list of popular phrases and idioms that we should be substituting with less speciest verbiage.

The tweet did numbers, largely because bringing home the bagels is objectively funny, and also because in the grand scheme of human history – people don’t really like being told what to say. So instead of obeying PETA, here’s a bunch of people who just decided to make fun of them instead.

You never said anything about saying that now you did you animal nerds

Is this what you wanted?

He came to this country with Everything

Ok now this is epic

Christmas Christmas!

This is it chief

What did he ever do to you

Aww hug the books

Thanos Did Nothing Wrong

I only drink Shelf Turds™

I practice bird law and this all checks out

May your bumbles always be blessed

Did you ever hear the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise?

Daddy’s gotta get to his donkey show

Brb gotta go be the test tube


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