Photos From ‘Terminator 6’ Show Linda Hamilton Back As Sarah Connor

Photos From ‘Terminator 6’ Show Linda Hamilton Back As Sarah Connor –

Next year, we’re going to see a new Terminator reboot. If it feels like you’ve heard this one before, you have.


The Terminator franchise has had more reboots than a dodgy laptop in recent years. After the abject failure of Genisys and Salvation this new one will wipe the slate clean and represent a return to the good old days of the franchise.

It’s due to come out in 2019 and – without getting too excited, they’ve burnt us before, remember? – it looks pretty good.

The first set photos have dropped and they show Linda Hamilton back in the role of Sarah Connor. As ever, she looks badass in the latest photos rocking a pair of shades and generally looking like she means business.


Big Terminator fans will be very excited by this as Hamilton hasn’t been in her Sarah Connor costume since 1991’s T2.

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back too. He will slip back into the robotic guise of the T-800, which was the role that really broke him in the world of Hollywood.

Arnie hasn’t been so well recently. In fact, he recently underwent major heart surgery, but reports seem to suggest that he is well and will be ok to star in the film.

It had been suggested that the release date had been pushed back to accommodate Arnie’s illness, but Paramount have since confirmed that this is not the case.

The new film is a direct continuation of what happened in Terminator 2: Judgement Day and will (thankfully) completely ignore all of the other nonsense that went on in between.


Alongside Hamilton, Mackenzie Davis will star in the film. As will Natalie Reyes, Diego Boneta, and Gabriel Luna, who will be playing the new Terminator.

The whole show will be brought together by Tim Miller. Fresh off the success of directing the first Deadpool movie he will surely be a popular choice to try to rehabilitate the ailing Terminator franchise.

James Cameron will be co-producing too, so we can expect some pretty expansive shots and high-budget special effects.

We know very little about the plot, but you can be sure that Mackenzie Davis’ character will play a huge part in not just this film, but any others that might follow it.

Credit: PA

In the photos, her character seems to be something of a Sarah Connor wannabe, and that is surely no bad thing.

The film is scheduled in for a November 2019 release date.




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