Picture Of Kendall Jenner In A Burka Causes Outrage


Kendall Jenner has been dragged through unflattering headlines by DJ Neptune, who posted a selfie claiming to be sightseeing with the supermodel in Dubai yesterday.

Now Kendall is being accused of ignorance and cultural appropriation because she was wearing a Burka to hide away from media attention. Oh, the irony.

‘Kendall’ appears in the selfie with DJ Neptune – a DJ and producer, apparently, who appears to spend more time leeching around famous people, including Kevin Hart, T.I. and NeYo, flashing his cash on social media than actually making any music.

But with a little investigating, it becomes abundantly clear the woman wearing a Burka in Neptune’s selfie is not Kendall Jenner.

The Sun have demonstrated manipulations in the photograph.

For example, in a shock revelation the likes of which the world hasn’t seen since the moon landing fluttering flag, the shadows on the two figures don’t match up and the DJ’s ear oddly dissolves into the Burka. Maybe all the sick tunes he’s been making have melted his face.

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Actually, if you flick back one on Neptune’s Instagram feed, he’s pictured gallivanting around Dubai with a woman who looks very much like Kendall. Coincidence much?

Now, I’m sure people use Kendall’s name for media attention all the time – but this ploy has worked a treat for DJ Neptune in the most sickening of ways – by using and offending a culture.

Understandably, those who think the photo is actually Kendall – and haven’t done their research – are outraged at the idea supermodel for allegedly using a Muslim tradition for which many women are persecuted in order to hide away from the press.


Kendall has been criticised for cultural appropriation before, when she wore a headscarf with her supermodel best friend Gigi Hadid.

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Although this time around Kendall is not responsible for the outrage caused by the alleged cultural appropriation, it seems that there’s a real and unsettling double-standard here between Western women who wear Burkas and those who do for religious reasons.


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