Pictures Show What Three Bottles Of Wine Every Weekend Does To You

We all look a bit rough after a night out – but what would you look like after hundreds of them?

Well, these shocking before-and-after pictures illustrate how ten years of getting rat-arsed can take a destructive toll.

The once youthful face of a mother who drank three bottles of white wine every weekend became almost unrecognisable as a result of thousands of benders around her hometown of Burnley.

Back in 2006 Dawn Walker looked like any other woman her ages as she sat in a taxi clutching two bottles of beer ahead of a Saturday night out.

But fast forward ten years, the former cleaner looked a shadow of herself as she posed for a police mugshot after she was arrested for drunkenly stabbing her boyfriend in the back following a cricket club party.

Detectives who investigated the near-fatal knifing discovered that over the preceding years, Walker had racked up a string of convictions – including four attacks upon police officers in 2016 alone.

But the unemployed mum-of-three has been spared prison whenever she’s in the dock as she has insisted she was striving to be a ‘good role model’ to her children.

Last October, magistrates provoked anger from the Police Federation when they suspended an eight week jail term upon Walker after she headbutted a policeman she branded a ‘fat c**t’ a ‘bearded c**t’ and a ‘blue-eyed bastard’ during a drunken night out in Burnley.

Just a month later, Walker was arrested again after getting drunk at her local cricket club and knifing her partner Damien Taylor. Taylor was found lying on his front in a pool of blood with Walker cradling his head.

Last year Walker even sank her teeth into a policeman’s face whilst she was being restrained on her car bonnet by several officers. In a different incident she tried to bite and headbutt an officer’s face after crashing her Renault Megane whilst she was pissed.

Today, Walker, now 35, is starting five years and seven months behind bars after she was convicted of wounding with intent following the stabbing

Reflecting on her life she would drink three bottles of wine a day at the weekend as her children had become ‘more independent’, but was able to ‘keep it together’ from Monday to Friday and stay sober to look after her younger children.

The knifing that had her bang to rights took place last bonfire night, after Walker had been out drinking with Taylor at a local cricket club.

The Mirror reports that witness Albert White told the hearing: ”Mr Taylor arrived first and he was fine as always but then Dawn Walker arrived a few minutes and she stumbled when I opened the front door. She was swaying from side to side.

“I left then two chatting then heard Dawn Walker screaming ‘what the hell’s gone on?’ I walked into the living room and saw Dawn sat in the floor in the kitchen doorway cradling Damien Taylor’s head. He was lying with his head and shoulders into the kitchen and the rest of his body in the living room.”

Victim Taylor declined to help police with their investigation and is thought to be standing by his girlfriend.

After the case Detective Constable Amanda Bleazard, of Lancashire Police said: “This incident left a man with some nasty injuries and I am pleased the courts have seen fit to hand Dawn Walker a custodial sentence. I hope she uses her time in prison to reflect on the consequences of her actions.”

A woman with a history of violence is now doing time.


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