Piers Morgan Calls Ewan McGregor A ‘Paedophile-Lover’ In Savage Angry Rant

Piers Morgan Calls Ewan McGregor A ‘Paedophile-Lover’ In Savage Angry Rant

Good Morning Britain has caused a stir again; but this time the drama took place off-screen when Ewan McGregor refused to appear on the show.

The popular ITV news program is known for inspiring debate and controversy, helping its viewers wake up with rage every morning.

Ewan McGregor decided he wanted to wake up on the right side of bed that day, so refused to appear on Good Morning Britain when he discovered Piers Morgan would be conducting the interview.

Good Morning, Britain is anchored – not exactly in reality – by the antagonistic, finger-wagging journalist Piers Morgan and his long-suffering co-host Susanna Reid.

Piers is a success, by anyone’s standards but his morals and ethical compass are disagreeable by the same token.

His career constitutes a stream of abuses thrown at mothers on live television, creeping on Emily Ratjkowski’s outfits and a Twitter feed full of attention-seeking jibes at various celebrities, who dare to express their opposing views.

Equally, the journalist-turned-aggressor can be seen on daytime television fawning over people in the spotlight who Piers deems to be worthy.

It seems 45-year-old Ewan McGregor would rather not suffer the indignity of the whole farce.

Ewan’s decision to back out of his Good Morning Britain appearance comes after Piers belittled the global Women’s March movement, designed to protest President Trump and raise a united voice against restricted women’s rights.

On Twitter, Piers joked that the Women’s March was a ‘pointless’, ‘generic’ tirade by ‘rabid feminists’ and ‘pussy protesters’ half of whom he says probably didn’t vote at all.

In response to women all over the world championing equality, the journalist even joked that he was organizing his own Men’s March ‘to protest at the creeping global emasculation of my gender’.

Evidently, Ewan didn’t agree.

Opting to disengage with Piers’ hateful opinions, Ewan chose not to go on the show to promote the eagerly-awaited Trainspotting 2.

Piers did not appreciate Ewan’s take on the silent protest, saying:

Sorry to hear that @mcgregor_ewan – you should be big enough to allow people different political opinions. You’re just an actor after all.

Dubbing him ‘just an actor’, Piers ignored the fact that Ewan is also a role model, philanthropist, humanitarian, UNICEF ambassador and ardent campaigner for equality.

Some have criticized Ewan’s opt-out tactic, saying ‘just an actor’ should be prepared to battle ‘just a journalist’ over major global issues.

Piers has even slammed Ewan in a tell-all article on the Daily Mail just hours after the controversial tweet was sent, saying:

…by refusing to be interviewed by me simply because I have a different opinion about a political march, McGregor revealed himself to be a narrow-minded, stupendously self-aggrandising, anti-democratic little twerp.

Piers even went as far as to suggest McGregor – who had previously worked with and befriended Roman Polanski, a man who pleaded guilty to the statutory rape of a 13-year-old girl – is a ‘paedophile-loving hypocrite’.

Arguably, McGregor could’ve done more good facing Morgan on Good Morning Britain and hashing out his contempt face-to-face than refusing to partake in the interview.

But perhaps the best way to devalue the rhetoric Piers Morgan has made his millions peddling is to simply refuse to engage with it.

Sometimes – in the words of Ronan Keating – ‘You say it best, when you say nothing at all’ – and this particular muck-flinging personal tirade between two men in the public eye has proved that ugly displays of contempt for our fellow man are childish, unprofessional and futile.

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