Pizza Chains That Are Sadly Disappearing Across The Country

Pizza Chains That Are Sadly Disappearing Across The Country

With all the nation’s love for pizza, the competition is fiercer than ever. Pizza chains are fighting for slices of the pie, and many are closing stores left and right. These pizzerias might be in your town today, but there’s no guarantee they’ll still be there tomorrow.

In terms of American pizza chains, there’s not many that have had bigger success than Pizza Hut. What started in 1958 as a small pizza shop named “Pizza Hut” only because the sign could fit just eight letters grew to a global brand.

Not all is well with Pizza Hut, though, and the brand known for their distinctively shaped buildings is in trouble. In August 2019, Nation’s Restaurant News reported that Pizza Hut was planning to shut down nearly 500 locations. Even with around 7,000 locations in the United States alone, shuttering 500 stores is no small pepperoni.

As for the reason that your local Pizza Hut might soon be locking its doors, it’s all about how people are getting their pizza. With the emergence of online ordering and delivery services like Uber Eats, not as many people are choosing to eat their pizza inside a sit-down pizza place like Pizza Hut. There’s a bit of good news: the company plans t o convert some of those old dine-in locations to delivery/takeout units, so you’ll probably still be able to order a pizza from Pizza Hut, you’ll just have to eat it someplace else.

Watch the video to see more pizza chains that are sadly disappearing across the country!

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