Plane Writes “Trump Is Disgusting” In Clouds Over Rose Bowl Game

The Trump hate train is in full motion in the skies above Pasadena during the Rose Bowl featuring Iowa Hawkeyes and Stanford Cardinals.

It seems that this message written in the sky was paid by an anti-Trump PAC creatively named Anybody But Trump. Not sure how effective it will be, people who are rooting for Trump aren’t going to change their mind over this kind of rhetoric. The message started off simple “America is great! Trump is disgusting.” But that wasn’t all the skywriter had to say.


The skywriter tried pleading with Iowans to not allow Trump to win in their state, Ted Cruz is currently ahead in the polls in Iowa for Republican candidates.


The skywriter ended the message with “Trump… Bend Over, get real.”


You can watch the video below and hear the reactions from some of the audience who were attending the Rose Parade:


Plane Writes “Trump Is Disgusting” In Clouds Over Rose Bowl Game

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