Plastic Surgery Addict Rushed To Hospital After Nose Starts To Rot

Plastic Surgery Addict Rushed To Hospital After Nose Starts To Rot


$400,000 could have gone towards a lot of different stuff. This guy blew it on plastic surgery.

Brazilian airline steward Rodrigo Alves, who has dedicated his life to transforming himself into a Ken doll through plastic surgery, was admitted to hospital after his new nose started to rot on his face



The 32-year-old is being treated for the condition in Spain, where he first noticed a hole appearing above the left ala on the latest incarnation of his nose.


He has now been diagnosed with necrosis as his flesh is apparently unable to withstand his 42 cosmetic operations.


He told the UniLad:

I had nose reconstruction three months ago and it appears the new cartilage has been rejected by my body.

A horrible hole has appeared in my nostril and the infection is eating my nose and I’ve been warned if it is not stopped it could eat into my face.

Alves, who has admitted to being ‘deeply unhappy’ with his looks, has undergone dozens of surgeries over more than a decade at a cost of about $400,000. That is a lot of COIN!

Update message to his fans:


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