Playboy Model Under Fire After Body-Shaming Unsuspecting Naked Woman On Snapchat

What type of person blasts someone’s ass who is at the gym trying to better their life? Playmate of the year? You guessed it.


Dani Mathers is a 29-year-old Playboy model and 2015 “Playmate Of The Year” pissed off the internet by posting the below photo on Snapchat of a woman who appears to have just come out of the shower at her gym and captioned it “If I can’t unsee this, then you can’t either.”


Mathers has 553,00 followers on Instagram, more than one million on Facebook, and 75,000 on Twitter — quickly deleted the image, which she claimed in a follow-up Snapchat had been “part of a personal conversation with a girlfriend”

After deleting the snaps, Dani posted a video apologising for them, saying she posted them ‘by accident’.

But I am fucking great at Snapchat and there is no way you mistakenly blast someone like that on your story. You have to take the pic, add the text, filter it out, figure out how many seconds you want to post it for, who you want to send it to or if you want it to go right on the story. Either way, she took the pic and was planning on sending it to someone. Sounds like a TmarTin apology.



If you came just to see more pics of the body shaming Playboy model we got you:

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Although a Playmate photographing an unwitting woman while she’s in the shower and posting it online is inherently mean-spirited, it’s also a crime. How is what Dani Mathers did in the locker room of her gym any different than some perv installing a hidden camera to spy on women in a public bathroom?

The 2015 Playmate of the Year took plenty of heat for body-shaming a woman taking a shower at L.A. Fitness. Her video apology broadcast over Snapchat addressed the fact that she was indeed guilty of being cruel and disrespectful to the lady just trying to wash up after a workout. She was also quick to blame the controversy on the fact that she clearly doesn’t know how to use Snapchat and tried to use the fact that the photo was intended to be a private joke between her and a girlfriend as an excuse.

The model deleted the image and took to Snapchat once more to state how sorry she is about her mistake:

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