Playing TUG OF WAR With Angry 10ft Great White Shark

Playing TUG OF WAR With Angry 10ft Great White Shark

David Wilks fought with the huge beast after it grabbed his net in its jaws as he fished off the coast of Port Pirie, South Australia.

The 46-year-old launched his attack after him and his son Nic noticed the Great White Shark had swum into their net and was eating all their fish.



David said when he tried to grab the net back from the hungry animal it went “ballistic.”

Nic, 20, captured unbelievable footage of the 300kg animal refusing to let go even after David jabbed it on the nose and attempted to pull the net from its clutches. He can then be heard telling it to “f*** off.”



Game store worker and musician Nic, who also works with his dad as a fisherman, said: “We had set out net off to catch snook when we realised there was a white pointer – another name for a Great White – swimming inside and eating the fish.

A fearless fisherman and dad-of-five punched and played tug of war with a ferocious 10ft great white shark.

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