Playmate Dani Mathers Hired Michael Jackson’s Former Defense Lawyer

Playmate Dani Mathers Hired Michael Jackson’s Former Defense Lawyer


Now that the LAPD confirmed its criminal investigation into Dani Mathers’ ill-advised Snapchat Story post, the former Playmate of the Year has lawyered up. According to TMZ, Mathers hired high-powered defense attorney Tom Mesereau to defend her in the pending criminal charges related to posting a mean-spirited creep shot of a nude woman in an L.A. Fitness shower.

Mesereau is probably best known for getting Michael Jackson acquitted of 14 counts of child molestation in 2005. He also successfully defended Robert Blake when the actor was on trial for murdering his wife. In 2001, Mesereau got rape charges against Mike Tyson dropped.

The LAPD is reportedly trying to identify and locate the victim from the Snapchat photo so it can proceed with criminal charges.


Authorities are currently working in conjunction with gym staff in reviewing surveillance tapes and membership card swipes to find the woman from the creep shot. The police can’t hand a case over to the prosecutor until it has the cooperation from the woman in question.

Whether or not criminal charges materialize, Mathers has already endured quite a bit of fallout from the incident, including the loss of her radio gig and a lifetime ban from the L.A. Fitness chain.


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Great now the victim’s going to be hunted down by the LAPD and TMZ

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