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Plumber Fired After Sharing Photo Of Woman’s Sex Toy On Facebook

Plumber Fired After Sharing Photo Of Woman’s Sex Toy On Facebook


As a plumber, you must see a few bizarre things, although it probably doesn’t mean you should share everything to social media.

An unknown plumber has allegedly been fired from his job after he snapped a photo of a woman’s dildo stuck to her bathroom wall, the Daily Mail reports.

Not only that though, he uploaded the picture to Facebook, which unfortunately cost him his job after the toy’s owner saw it online.

After capturing the ‘unusual’ image, he posted it on the ‘Blokes Advice’ group on Facebook, which in turn got shared on the ‘Bad Girls Advice’ page.

Unluckily for him, the toy’s owner was a part of the group and after realising this was her bathroom, she contacted the plumber’s boss in a rage.

The photo was captioned with ‘as a plumber this is my greatest fear’, which added to the woman’s horror.

The Blokes Advice group were apparently livid their photo had been shared on the girls’ page.

They commented:

Long story short end result is the bloke that took the photo is now out a job which is obviously a less than ideal outcome.

Another wrote:

There’s some serious dogging the boys going on here!

In response to the situation, the jilted tradesman posted the letter his boss had sent to him.

It read:

Your actions are condemned by me and have put my company in a vulnerable position. As discussed, I know now in hindsight, you regret your actions, but unfortunately they can not be undone and have caused damage.

Let me say, I admire your willingness to accept responsibility and accountability for your actions.

After his speedy sacking, the plumber was forced to assess his behaviour and actions, but it doesn’t seem like he holds too much regret.

He posted:

Would I do it again probably not.

Give me time to have a looooong haaaaard think about what I have done.


Hopefully he’s learnt his long and hard lesson.


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