Poisonous Blue Bottle Jellyfish Invades Australian Shore

Poisonous Blue Bottle Jellyfish Invades Australian Shore

Thousands of alien-like jellyfish were spotted clustered together ‘wriggling and jiggling’ as they enveloped the Bateman’s Bay shoreline on Friday.

Startling footage of the rare phenomenon shows huge amounts of poisonous bluebottles sprawling across the sand, rocks and shallow water, creating a blanket-like effect.

Canberra motor mechanic, Brett Willensky, made the alarming discovery while at Barlings Beach, quickly reaching for his camera to document the experience.


From what initially appears to be a continuation of the blue ocean from a distance, a closer view reveals masses of the tiny organisms heaped on top of each other.

‘Lots of bluebottles,’ Mr Willensky can be heard exclaiming as he pans across the dense layer of blue. While he was happy to capture footage of the event, the wary beach-goer labelled the unique spectacle ‘the stuff of nightmares’.


The bubble-like blue creatures can deliver a powerful sting and beach-goers are warned to steer clear of them, even if they’re dead.

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